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Website Optimization With Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool is one of the valuable tools to maintain SEO ranking of any website. This free tools offered by Google provides webmasters to optimize their website for search engines, report errors encountered on your site, and help in marketing their website.
How to Get Started
The first thing you will need to have a Gmail account. Otherwise, you can just sign up for a Google Account on their website. Then, you can sign in to the Webmaster Tools and start to configure a website according to instructions.
To see tracking information, you need to verify ownership of the site. You will get several different verification methods, one simple way is to download a simple HTML file and then upload this to the root folder for your website.
Here are some of the important functions of webmaster tool.
Links to Your Site Page
This section shows all the backlinks you have made for your website. These are the valuable backlinks to your site according to Google. Search engines follow different algorithm to know how many backlinks to your site exist. Google would not hesitate to reject a huge amount of backlinks if they feel that the links you have made are paid or low quality.
Search Queries
This portion contains a list of search terms run on the Google search engine where your site appeared in the results. This important report tells you the query terms and impressions as well as how many times users clicked on your result (click through rate).
Internal Links
The Internal Links gives you a data of how your website pages are linked internally. Through these pages, Google determines the relatively important pages within a site. These type of links cannot be used to improve the SEO ranking, though it helps to reduce the bounce rate.
Manual Action
This option shows any malware attack happened or not to your site. This will display a list of pages with possible malware threats.
Crawl Errors
This portion shows Google bot or spiders are properly examining your site or not. This page is important for identifying crawling errors on your site. You can also solve server issue too.
Crawl Status
The Crawl Statistics report gives you some useful graphs showing you how often the Google spider has visited your site. For popular sites, the spider will visit on a daily basis. Google has a very powerful crawler that doesn’t have problems visiting millions of web pages in a day. You can add a sitemap to your site to help Google spider which is the pages need to crawl.
HTML improvement
The HTML Improvement contains a list of issues that could affect your search engine rankings. Webmasters should resolve these issues are early as possible.
It provides lists consist of s”Duplicate meta description”, “Short Meta Description”, “Duplicate Tite Tags” etc. By solving these will get better Google ranking.
Sitemaps are XML files that contain the URLs of all pages of a website that should be crawled by spiders and indexed by a search engine. Not only do they gathered all the possible URLs, but they also include information such as when the file was last crawled, how often you expect the web page to be changed etc.
Using the Robots.txt function, you can view and test your robots.txt file (which prevents your website to be crawled by search engines). There is also a tool to upload a new robots.txt file using user-defined exclusion rules.
Site links
If your site is well structured, Google will display site links underneath the normal search result. Displayed links are the sub-areas within your website that are popular than other pages. As these links are automatically generated, you cannot categorise your own site links.

Effects of Big Data On Ecommerce Market

Big data has been promoted as the next significant transformation in global data analysis and management. E-commerce Businesses around the sphere have incorporated big data in their works to make sense of the seeming countless data generated on a consistent basis. The proceeding of big data technology and services has developed at a fast pace among end-use industries. As big data has become more conventional, and integration with cloud and artificial intelligence become more streamlined, further growth is seen.

The eCommerce sector has seen immense growth in recent years. The growth was driven by fast technology acceptance led by the increasing use of devices such as mobiles and tablets, and access to the internet through broadband, 3G, etc., which led to an increased online customer base. As per the study,, the growth rate shown by homegrown players such as Flipkart and Snapdeal and the huge investor interest in these companies displayed the great potential of the market.

With the entry of eCommerce Giant companies like Amazon and Alibaba, the competition is expected to tough further. Both these international platforms come with strong financial backups and the patience to drive the Indian eCommerce market. Also, their strong technical knowledge and best practices from their international websites give them an additional edge. These companies have been part of markets where they have seen the eCommerce market changes and are aware of the situation and strategies to address issues thereof. Indian corporations understand this and are hence aiming to maintain their focus on increase sellers and selection on their platforms, innovating on multiple customer contacts, and providing smooth and rapid delivery services to compete with the international brands.

Big Data is altering the way we live our lives, from running a business to shopping at the grocery to buying railway tickets. Every collected data is being segmented and used to analyze the way customers think and behave. In order to get the benefits, we need to reject outdated, less innovative solutions. Instead, we should invest time and money in the upcoming technology being offered by new startups that change the way we can recognize trends in data and understanding into consumers’ buying behavior. By knowing the current methods that businesses use to take reward of this massive amount of data, we can use that data to make better-informed predictions about where this development is taking us.

Essential Skills All Digital Marketer Should Have

As the digital marketing field is rapidly growing, marketers are getting new opportunities. We have collected some of the important skills required to become a professional Digital Marketing expert and you should definitely follow these steps to stay ahead in the race.
1. Creative content and presentation skills:
You have to write flawless English because for this job English is must.
You can use different plugins and tools like Grammarly, Hemingway writer etc to write error-free text.
You can become a professional content writer or blogger if you master English writing skills.
2. WordPress Dashboard Handling:
You don’t need to become expert web developer but yes you must have some knowledge of handling WordPress dashboard.
Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML will add some extra benefits.
3. Photo editing skills:
Companies always have graphics designers for making different visual elements for marketing, though you should have some basic knowledge of photo editing so that you can present your content properly.
You should have the knowledge of making banners, logos etc so that you can make successful campaigns.
Canva, fotor etc are some of the online photo editing tools you can use.
4. Data analysis:
You should understand how A/B testing works and how to track and measure the results of campaign you are running.
You need to know how to send reports to clients in a timely manner.
Statistical knowledge and data visualization always gives you extra confidence to deal with your clients
5. Decision-making skills:
You will become expert only when you implement techniques into practice. Always research and think out of the box so that you can produce something unique.
6. Project Managment skills:
Project Management skills is a must have for every digital marketing professional.
Either you’ve to manage a number of agencies or you’ve to organize yourself in a useful way to get things done.
Lastly, just want to say, always remember that you should have the passion for something before you start learning about it. As digital marketing is a very competitive field, you have to become efficient to get the success.

Important Strategies You Should Know To Start Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a web marketing methodology which involves an affiliate who promotes a merchant’s products to internet users. Generally, affiliate marketers need a dedicated website to sell products, if he wants to do in large scale. But affiliate marketing can also be done without using a website too. Marketers follow different techniques to bring traffic to their affiliate website but sometimes forget to target right kind of traffic.

Generating niche oriented traffic is the main job as an affiliate marketer. Here you will get successful formulas for traffic generation.

Choosing the right audience
Distinguishing your target audience is important, if you don’t do this at the starting, you’ll spend extra time and energy driving the wrong traffic to the wrong products, thus your affiliate sales numbers will decrease. All you need to do is to get the data what kind of products are performing well in the market and why people are loving these products to buy.

Share the USPs to the audience
There is competition in the market, thus you need to share the unique selling points of your products so that people get attracted to it. Benefits or USPs have to be different from others because many other affiliate marketers already have shared many USPs already. To give the proper reason to the customer that why your product is better than others.

Share Quality Content
It’s the real fact, that high-quality content is the foundation of a very successful affiliate marketing business, the reason of this is that it really displays your very own personality and also knowledge of a niche. Anyway, in order to get the best result, do not repeat the same things other internet marketers do. The Internet is filled with this information, thus it’s useless if you repeat the same thing.

Good Copywriting Skill
Good copywriting is very essential to promote your brand. So, enhance your expertise in explaining details of products with correct description and taglines.

Be Honest
Having honesty and integrity are one of the best and rare quality. You will get long-term benefits through it because people will start believing you and will recommend others to connect with you.

Blogger or WordPress – Which one you should use or Blogspot and WordPress are the two most widely used blogging platforms today. was the first blogging platform allowing users to set up accounts and create a blog for free. WordPress is also another successful blogging platform which is popular for their easy functionality. Most of the professional blogger like to use WordPress because it can be customized more easily.
Utilizing the Blogger setup mandates that your blog to be hosted on their servers. Whereas blogs running on WordPress’ platform can be hosted on, or you can choose any other web hosting server.
Here are some of the interesting features of Blogger and WordPress that will help you to choose your desire blogging platform.

Blogspot Features
All the contents are maintained on web servers.
Free web hosting that up to 1 GB worth of space.
You can customize templates but in the limited extent.
Easy to set up for the beginners.
Can store image and video files.

WordPress Features
All the contents are maintained on web server.
Free web hosting up to 3GB worth of space.
Customizable templates available (limited extent).
can store images, videos, and documents (limited extent).

WordPress Self-hosted Special Features
Almost unlimited power to choose and customize templates and widgets
Need some technical knowledge to setup and configure.
Files support limited only by the web server, which usually means virtually unlimited.

As WordPress is an open source application, it gives bloggers much more flexibility when it comes to customizing a blog. When you download and install WordPress, you will get full access to all the database and the PHP, CSS, and image files that comprise the WordPress blogging platform.
Although Blogger allows users to set up and to customize their blogs by adding Google gadgets and changing layouts, it has been found that there is a lot of assumptions required when trying to figure out how to manipulate their XML sitemap and schemas, which are used to customize templates beyond adding gadgets and changing layouts. So, it is true that you need to have some prerequisite knowledge to work on this platform.

WordPress has had a history of prone to hacks. To minimize that risk, it is suggested that users of WordPress be extra careful about maintaining their sites. Specifically, WordPress blog owners hosting their own blogs are recommended to keep up with current updates.
Blogger users can easily allow the developer to customize their theme as this platform is quite secure. Because the blog content is kept on Blogger’s servers, there are much fewer chances that Blogger sites can be hacked.

Which is suitable for you?
If your desire is simply to share your information with the world without hassling with heavy customization and continuing updates, is the best choice. Because most of the regular bloggers fit into this category.
If you have the resources and intend to be more professional in your blogging habits, WordPress is what you should use. Accessibility to the files and folders of WordPress allows it to be used for much more than just a simple online notebook.

Keys To Get Success On Instagram Marketing

A huge number of people globally are now using Instagram for various purposes. People are enjoying taking pictures and sharing it on Instagram for its easy functionality. Not only just sharing photos, you can use Instagram in a more efficient way for marketing. Instagram is a great promotional tool you can use to promote your products or services online.

Here are 5 valuable tips to grow your business through Instagram
1.Choose a catchy Instagram name:
Unless you are a celebrity or a big brand, it is difficult to attract people to your profile. To create names related to your business website or the Industry that you are working in. Now, when people related to your industry search the relative keywords, it is more likely that your profile will appear in the list. Here is a tricky Instagram marketing strategy. Choose your “username” identical to what product you are selling because that is what people are searching for.

2.Follow Similar Accounts
Follow like-minded people to grow your network. If you follow people with similar interests you will surely get better visibility. Good, this is that they will also follow back. Contact those people who you believe would be interested in your or services or products.

3.Write a perfect description
When you will write a description to your profile please mention your product’s benefits and present in the market clearly. You should also add website links to your profile so that people can know more about your product through your website.

4.Use high-quality media
To enhance your visibility, you need to create and share high-quality images and videos in your feeds. Try to get your images at best angles. Edit your photos with filters for better results. Nowadays mobile phones are loaded with photo editing apps for this purpose. Instagram also has many photo editing options. Apply these options for your Instagram marketing purpose.

5.Use Proper Hashtags
Hashtags are very important in Instagram marketing. You need to use them wisely because Instagram users interact by using hashtags. Hashtags make your contents searchable and are important if you want to increase your likes and followers.You can also take advantage of trending hashtags that are related to your products to make a viral post.

SEO Tips To Boost Your Local Business

Local SEO is an important marketing strategy if your business or company have the physical existence in any local area. If you focus on local customers, then you should choose local SEO optimization. Local SEO is a secret technique that is used by SEO specialist to compete for highest rankings for local searches in their area of business for specific keywords related to their products and services.
For example, If you’re an owner of a beauty parlor in a city, your customer demographic will contain mostly people from your city and not from the country as a whole. Google, after launching of Local SEO algorithms has made it absolutely clear that local business have a special place and it is not in worldwide SEO. They must focus on local customers instead of customers from another region.
In case you’re a private venture, Local SEO works better for you, as opposed to multinationals. It will expand the network of your business, get you customer reviews and feedback for free and help new connections locate you easily. The first step to follow during starting of Local SEO is you must use fewer keywords which are longer, commonly known as long-tail keywords in the industry. These keywords can easily be ranked for and will start bringing you a targetted traffic easily without much effort. Once you’ve got these out of the way, you can focus on more productive, high competition keywords to rank. While these will take time and effort, the wait is usually well rewarded with a perfect return on investment
For local SEO to work out as you expect, your site must be streamlined to the handle for Google to comprehend where you are found and the nature and extent of services you offer. The local part of your business, which is the city or locality must be available in either the space name, the site title or the substance and if conceivable, in every one of them. This ensures greater visibility.
The second most important factor is the major keyword, which can be included in the business name for search engine marketing purposes. If you choose a generic name, it will give you a better head start than most of your competitors have had and will get you more amount of leads and sales. For example, if you have a GYM in Kolkata, you could have your online business name as “(Your Name) Gym” ending with the city name. The name sounds generic but will help you get local customers fast. This is a powerful, creative SEO strategy which gets unnoticed, and can be your secret strategy to monopolize your rankings in your city.

4 Useful Content Marketing Ideas to Follow On 2018

New marketing tactics and consumer’s interest towards content makes it necessary for marketers and businesses to modify their content marketing strategies in accordance with the current trends. Big brands always focus on the way their audiences see the content and, more importantly, what kind of contents are grabbing more attention. Implementing new trends and technologies into an existing plan keeps businesses ahead of the others. Here are some of the content marketing strategies the experts think brands should consider when working on their Internet marketing strategies for the forthcoming year.

Video Marketing Is Important
Video, surely will continue to be a king of content marketing in the future. It is rightly considered as the fast growing and the most powerful form of content. If a business has not yet added video to its online marketing campaigns, it is missing out a great opportunity to advertise itself in a more relevant and innovative way. People find interests with products that produce engaging video content on a regular basis.

Sharing Contents On Social Media
Companies use various tactics to distribute content. Nowadays, sharing content on the social media platforms is one of the most effective ways for brands to promote and distribute their messages. Future is likely to see social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. as publishing platforms. Marketers have been using Instant Article feature of Facebook to offer engaging content to socially active people on those sites. People can read articles on Snapchat and Instagram too. Social media enables marketers to get the attention of consumers and pull them to its site. Managing and interacting with potential customers are as important as maintaining an effective website.
User-generated content
User-generated content on social networks acts as social evidence as human beings have the habit of trusting and following the choices and actions of other people. Actually, people trust in content made by others than they trust the brands’ own content.

Artificial Intelligence
Marketers should know the actual usage of AI in creating and marketing their content. Natural conversation processing, correct predictions, and generation algorithms can help brands create target oriented and effective content. According to experts, almost half of the content will be generated by machines.

Useful Tips To Rank A Website In Google

Its a dream of every marketer or blogger to rank their website or blog on the #1 page of google search engine results. Most people who start building their first website think that as soon as their website will be launched, there would be a lot of visitors who will bring new business to them. Today, we will discuss few key strategies you can learn right now in order for Google to notice you.

1. Proper Keyword Research
This is the first step of analysis that any SEO should start upon when doing search engine optimization. Ranking a particular search term can bring you lot of traffic to your website. Whether you are doing organic SEO or setting up PPC campaign you have to become expert in Keyword research. You can use tools like Google keyword planner,, Soovle etc. to find out most profitable keywords.

2. Meta Tags Optimization

Meta Tags are very important to rank your website as well as to increase Click through rate. A well written Meta title and description should contain primary and secondary keywords and within correct character limit, as well it should be understandable for viewers.
3. URL parameter
URL and permalinks mean what you can see in the address bar of any internet browser. URL should be clean and keyword should be mentioned. URL should not be too long and devoid of symbols like “?”, “=”, “_” etc. A clean URL gets crawled by Google bot more easily.

4. Heading Tags
Make sure to use your keyword in heading tags. You should keep just one H1 tag on each page which will contain your primary keyword.

5. Keyword in First Paragraph
It is important to include keywords in the first paragraph of any page. It sends signals to Google which keyword is important to rank.

6. Image Optimization
Include relevant images into your blogs. Make sure it looks eye-catching. No one wants to read a long boring post without any pictures. When you do add pictures, be sure to add an “ALT Tag” so that search engine can rank it in Google images.

7. Mobile Friendly
Mobile is impacting in every sphere of life. Check your website is mobile friendly or not in Google mobile friendliness checker tools. Mobile friendly website ensures that your web pages are performing well on all devices.

8. Page Speed
Nobody wants to visit a slow website. Slow loading increases the bounce rate and reduces the number of potential visitors to your website. Get a performance overview from GT matrix, Google page speed checker tool to optimize website page speed.

Twitter marketing strategies for business owners

If you’re running a business using Twitter to build your customer base, then this question may have crossed your mind before. To build a genuine followers list and to build the solid relationship with people need extra efforts. In this article, you will find 5 Twitter tools that can be used for Network Marketing business.
Here are few reasons why you should opt for Twitter Marketing
Twitter is one of the most popular websites today. According to Alexa, it’s ranked as one of the top 20 micro blogging site that has a huge number of traffic.
Twitter has the ability to make any content viral. Many celebrities, brands, companies are using twitter to grow their followers.
Twitter can provide lots of relevant traffic to your blog.
You can get in touch with industry experts and leaders on Twitter. You will get immediate visitors for your site and if you provide high quality content then it will help your business to grow.
TweetDeck is a Twitter dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. You can use this Twitter tool to send automated direct messages and mentions without even leaving your desktop. This simple tool can be used to have real-time interactions with a user friendly interface. You can also post images and videos and manage multiple accounts with this tool.
Twitter Feed
Twitterfeed is one of the most popular tools people use to connect RSS feeds so that posts are automatically tweeted to your followers. You can also use this tool to feed your favorite blog posts.
This is a must-have productivity app. This helps in URL shortening and tracking website for free. It can shorten your URLs that you will share in your tweet.
This is a free tool you can use to analyze a particular search term. You can get the information what people are searching for in tweeter, particular MLM companies, specific leaders, and products etc.
This is a useful automated Twitter management and follower Building tool. You can schedule a tweet, re-tweet or reply automatically, follow or unfollow other users and much more things with it.

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