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About us

Who We are?

We synchronize next generation technologies with dreams and ideas to create solutions for convenience and betterment of mankind. We weave the web with colors from your own palette to suit your taste and put life to your ideas.
- Debdip Roy, Founder & CEO


Cleonix Technologies is an optimized and fastest growing IT organization contributing towards mankind in this era of technology and modernization. Since establishment in the mid-2010 we are slowly gaining control over different modern age technologies and utilizing them for creating and giving life to ideas that opens up new vistas for superior and powerful products that easy up our job in various domains of life which leads to nursing of a better and prosperous future

who we are

Our organization with its state of art technology and effective human resource can turn concepts into reality. At Cleonix Technologies we realize the value of convenience and thus we focus on building concepts that are complex yet they can make your work more easy and convenient. We can build custom solutions for you convenience according to your taste and also within the reach of your budget. No matter if it is a complex many tier architecture or a simple website for your personal presence we can deliver it within your timeline and budget. We value your ideas, time and pocket with the utmost priority. One of our core strength is also transparency, with our much valued clients. We have a standing 24 X 7 support system who take care of any queries or complains or report every time you need.

At Cleonix Technologies we have an in house learning program through which we are also training human resource to stay in sync with the latest technologies and modern developments. Whether a fresher or an experienced head at Cleonix Technologies we make them aware of the ongoing changes in the industry so that we can ensure they are working with the updates. Most importantly we are not just following the marks of other industries in fact we are striving hard to ensure that we make our own mark in the future.

Our History

small steps to big dreams
Small step! Big Dreams!
First Success!

Our first completed big project with following Review.. "I am very happy with the outcome of my webpage and the advice i have been given from the contractor.Always very professional in their approach and their advice is valued.Thanks for your continued assistance and their advice is valued."

pvt ltd
Private Limited Company

Yes we are.

Statue of liberty - Here We Come

Got trapped in the web?? Don't worry!! Here we come to untrap you. Dear Statue of Liberty, we are on our way to win your heart with love, innovation and creativity . After winning many hearts all over the world for many years we are now in Atlanta, "The city of Trees".


Our mission

Cleonix Technologies is a renowned Web Development Company offering highly customized solutions and services which can reduce the gap between possible and impossible. We nurture concepts into reality that can help you do your jobs with convenience. Our mission is to go beyond the common practices of a web development company and deliver simple yet very robust solutions using the blessings of modern technologies in the Web development arena. We are constantly upgrading ourselves to keep in sync with the modern day’s technologies and gradually making marks as One Stop destination for all your Web Solutions.

Internet these days has become one of our common needs, so it is very important that we make our web presence in a very prolific manner. We being a Web Development Company primarily has a vision to help you secure your online presence across the Globe. We can convert your dreams into standing solutions and want to become the “Brand Ambassador of Your Dream”

Why Us?

"We adhere to the ethics of a professional web development company.”


We value your prized dreams, thus we can deliver solutions to you according to your own taste, timeline and budget. We take a step ahead when it comes to transparency with our clients, thus maintaining integrity and nursing a very good and long relationship with them. No matter how small or big you are we are always ready to serve you with the best possible solution and try to make you happy. “Our most prized possession is your Happy and Smiling Face.”

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