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Career Prospects of Computer Programming

Computer professionals are so much in demand today that those with an undergraduate graduate degree in computer science or information technology can easily get established in a computer technology career. However, if you’d like to stand out from the pack, consider obtaining a certification in software development or completing some technology training.

There are plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a career in computer technology. One of the most in-demand computer careers is computer programming. Basically, a Computer programmer writes computer software. Though, it’s not as simple to write computer software as it sounds. For that, the programmer needs to be proficient in various programming languages such as C, C++, XML, Java, Lisp, Python and others.

Computer programming is known as the process of writing software or computer program source code. Actually Computer programming is a set of instructions written in one or more programming languages followed by the computer to conduct certain tasks or operations. Hence, it involves designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. Besides being adept in programming languages, the computer programmer must have knowledge in application domains, specialized algorithms, and formal logic.

A Computer programmer performs multiple operations as part of their work, namely

• Coding: is the process of writing computer instructions using some human-readable programming languages.

• Compilation: The process of translating source code into object code is referred to as compilation.

• Debugging: It refers to the process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, flaws, or problems in a computer program.

• Documentation: Known as internal documentation or programmer documentation, it is the process of documenting source code so that other programmers can easily navigate through the code in order to find or fix bugs or to add new features.

• Integration: The ability to read or manipulate the data or information on any program by another program using standard format is known as integration.

• Maintenance: It involves the process of restructuring the body of code in order to improve the readability and maintainability of the code and to reduce the complexity of the code.

• Requirements Analysis: It is the process of determining the requirements of the client so that the software developed to conform to client needs and requirements.

• Software Architecture: It refers to identifying key scenarios, quality attributes and specific requirements that need to be considered so that the software has a solid foundation.

• Software Testing: It is a process to execute a computer program in order to validate and verify its quality.

• Specification: It’s a set of requirements to be fulfilled by a program or software. A programmer expects the program to perform certain activities and if it fails to meet even one of the applicable specifications, it is termed as being out of specification.

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Certification is a good way to demonstrate proficiency and often gives a good job to a candidate. There are different types of certification available in the programming field. Some certifications are very specific to certain programming languages. Others are associated with certain software companies who may require professionals who work with their products to carry their specialized certifications. Other kinds of certification are also available through various organizations.

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