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Find the best web designing company in Kolkata to build your own website

The website matters a lot as it is something that will be responsible to a large extent for drawing up the attention of new potential clients and customers. Once your website is down you should know your business has to pay a huge toll as it is going to start its downward journey now. Be that the case won’t you want your website to be built by some professional hand so that you can have the best ever possible design for your website? The best Web Design Company in Kolkata here can deliver you the finest websites, designed according to your requirements.

All you need to do is deliver your long-term visions and goals that you have planned up for your business and professionals out here have gathered years of experience in turning those visions and goals into some charismatic representation through your website. Clients and customers are bound to love the site at the first glance, and that is what matters the most. Once they have liked your site, there is most probably that they ultimately become your regular customers and prove to be reliable clients.

You can experience real success in turning your visions into well-represented goals. The works already done by professionals will portray a clear idea about the expertise and skill that is put into every new website to be designed. All high design features and the latest web designing technologies will be incorporated in every site that will be designed by professionals

You can also get help over a few other kinds of services. Services provided overall are Website Design, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, E-Commerce solutions, Identity Design, Brand and Design Strategy, Print and Publishing Design, SEO & PPC, Concept Development, and Art Direction.

Also in these cases, another point of concern is affordability. It is absolutely not desirable for anyone to invest a huge amount in designing a new website. This is the place where you can hire expert professionals for designing your website at affordable and reasonable prices. You can relax totally after you have handed over the responsibility of building up your website to some expert hands out here.

Cleonix Technologies is the ideal place where you can hire expert professionals for designing your website at affordable and reasonable prices. To know more about our services then click here:-

Professional Graphic Design Course – All You Need to Know to Enhance Your Career

Graphic design courses can give students a lot of skills and a chance to enter in careers like print designing, graphic designing and web designing. A student can learn skills ranging from creative to technical application of graphic designing. These courses can either be offered in a stand-alone format or can be a part of a stipulated period degree program. Many schools offering degrees of 3D Animation is also beneficial for students opting to make a career in graphic designing. Courses in designing which are given through programs offered in universities, colleges, and community colleges provide students with the skill set that is needed to perform tasks like graphic arts functions, photo-editing and website designing. Due to these helpful courses, students also learn how to draw, develop designs, use popular software, craft multidimensional images, process photos, edit images and maintain a website. They also gather knowledge about programming, layout making, file management, video editing, color theory, animation, and electronic production.

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Graphic design courses teach students a lot of subjects such as:-

  • Web publishing- In this field, a student can learn to handle, design and maintain a website and also use website publishing programs and HTML to showcase their skills. Students also work on programs like DreamWeaver.
  • Computer Graphic design- In this, the skills of the students are improved using paint programs and photo editing programs. Technical and computer skills are sharpened in this field to learn graphic design.
  • 2D and 3D designs- Here, the students develop their constructing and designing skills in both 3D and 2D formats.
  • Digital photography- This course relates to the skills of photographic processing along with the creation and manipulation of images.
  • Desktop Publishing fundamentals- This course includes developing page layouts, printing, file management, electronic production, and design techniques. Students learn to use programs like QuarkXPress and PageMaker.
  • Advanced Design- A computer graphic design course helps the student sharpen their design development, analytical and critical skills, communication skills, etc.
  • Drawing- In this subject, not only drawing skills are sharpened, but students also practice expression, observation, conceptualization, and perception to learn graphic design from its root.
  • Visual Design- This allows students to implement and exercise visual presentation skills, color theory, and creative thought.
  • 3D Modelling- This is extremely important as it teaches students to sharpen their skills using programs like Pixie, MilkShape 3D, SketchUp Pro, Blender, and 3D Max.
  • Raster imaging and effects- This subject allows students to sharpen their skills by using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Vector Graphics and Design- This is another essential subject that helps students strengthen their skills using Adobe Illustrator.

Hope you are satisfied reading the above information on the importance of Graphic Design in the present job market. You can have a plethora of job options after completing this course. If you are meticulous in designing then you can also work as a freelance graphic designer or join top designing companies.
Cleonix Technologies provides Graphic design services in Kolkata and worldwide. We create modern visual concepts and generate exciting ideas for several online businesses. Please feel free to contact us if you have any design-related queries.

Top 4 reasons for using infographics for your company

Infographics (data graphics) are graphic graphical representations of facts, data or expertise intended for the rapid and transparent presentation of information. Infographics include bar charts, pie charts, histograms, line charts, tree charts, mind maps, Gantt charts, and diagrams of the network. Infographics are important because they contribute to sharing and communicating ideas in an easy-to-read format that virtually everyone can understand. The top five reasons why you should use infographics for your business are discussed here.
1) Simplify & explain messages:
Human beings are visual creatures, and visual elements that draw their attention are easily attracted by these people. When words fail to catch your readers ‘ attention and imagination, then perhaps visual elements such as Infographics can do the job better. If paired with well-written text, Infographics can be a powerful tool to help you slice your content through the information jungle and into the minds of your target audiences. Obviously, humans love statistics, figures, charts, and other graphic elements and the data in your infographics can really catch their attention if it is convincing enough.
2) Infographics could raise awareness of your product:
Infographics are meant to include specific creator data that usually includes the logo, website address, email or even contact information. This is really a very successful way to raise awareness of your product and can easily increase your traffic if used properly.
3) Infographics could improve search marketing results:
The highly beneficial effect these events can bring to a particular business when Infographics go viral better results from search marketing. Not only are infographics built with your contact information, but it can also create valuable backlinks to you by sharing or embedding the material on social media or other online platforms.
4) Infographics will help your subscribers and followers to grow:
Simply take a quick look at your Facebook newsfeeds and walls to witness the power of visual content. Note that interesting pictures generate more likes, comments, and shares than any ordinary text updates, and this includes well-created infographics. This can be a very successful way to generate more subscribers and fans on your social media pages, reaching an even wider audience each time you post your infographic.
The secret to digital success is to draw your targeted customers’ attention and interest in this highly competitive and information-flooded global marketplace and environment. Using Infographics is an easy way to work with visual elements that are not only important, informative and instructional, but also visually appealing and pleasant to look at.

JPG or PNG: Which is the best for Your Website?

What is JPG / JPEG?
For images generated by digital photography, JPEG images are a common choice and are a useful option for images with complicated colors and shading.
While the quality loss is little perceptive with JPG’s 10:1 compression, the lower size makes JPEGs appropriate for internet use because it is useful for responsive presentation to reduce the quantity of information used for a picture.
What is PNG?
Known as Portable Network Graphics, the PNG image can be RGB/RGBA based on palettes, grayscale, and full color.
PNG file format was specifically designed to transfer images on the Internet rather than print graphics and therefore does not support non-RGB color spaces like CMYK.
You want the highest quality image format, but you also want a responsive website, so you really need to take into consideration the difference between jpeg and png and the difference in image compression in particular.
Think of it like this: Compression of images means reducing the size of the image without sacrificing the quality for the sake of size. Stronger compression is generally equivalent to smaller file size, which is equivalent to poorer image quality.
So you need to find the right balance between the quality and the size of your file if you want a good compression.
You see the finest version of it when you look at the picture saved on your computer because the file was not compressed. If the same image is on the website, however, it must be downloaded so that you can see it.
Logically, that implies the bigger the picture, the longer the time of charging.
There are a few important things to maintain in mind when speaking about JPG vs PNG.

PNG is the best option for charts, text pics, screenshots, and designs requiring transparency, such as logo models, etc. The greatest downside, though, is that they’re bigger and they’re going to slow down your website.

JPG, on the other hand, is smaller and quicker to load, but compression comes with some pleasant loss that isn’t normally a problem for photos, but it can be bad for text or photographs with satisfactory lines. Some first-rate is compromised when a picture is converted to a jpg. The purpose is because the compression is lossy, which means that certain useless facts are completely deleted. A jpg does, but, will let you create a smaller record length than you can with a png. A jpg ought to be used in any state of affairs while it’s critical to have a small file. A crucial benefit and many times deciding factor for the use of a png report is that–not like a jpg–they guide transparency. This lets in you to have a transparent heritage round an irregular-formed object and avoid a white (or other colored) field outlining your photo. In case you require transparency, you’ll surely want to choose a png. Record compression for a png is lossless. Just like the time period indicates, lossless compression keeps all the data contained in the file, inside the record, for the duration of the procedure. Lossless compression is important if you have photos which can be nevertheless in a modifying manner. On the grounds that both jpg and png layout have their professionals and cons, you ought to get the most out of each of them and play to their strengths.

Tips for creating a great brochure

A brochure is an informative paper document which can be folded into a template or brochure. A brochure may also be a collection of associated unfolded documents that are placed in a packet or pocket folder.
A strong brochure can educate its readers, provide the business with strong credibility and power, boost target audience, and convince customers to act. The creation of a quality brochure is a challenge for many graphic designers.
Below are 5 tips and tricks on how to build the best brochure design for your brand:
01. Before you begin, know your objective:
It’s essential for you to know what it’s for to make your design efficient. The brochure’s aim will point you in the correct direction. Get as much data about the brochure’s purpose so you can select the design for it correctly. It is essential to note that this is a design for interaction. All you placed in the brochure is direct communication with your audience.
02. Know your clients:
Because a brochure is a communication instrument, knowing your target market is essential. This way, you will be able to capture their interests. The more you identify on the brochure the demands and desires of your target market, the more efficient it will be. When you think about how to design a brochure, hold the objective in mind.
03. Be creative, be unique:
Simple thoughts are the best. To distinguish you from your contest, creativity is essential. Uniqueness is essential in this moment and age when designers ‘ level of creativity is stunning.
Aim for an initial and distinctive design. It is also essential to recognize its uniqueness.
04. Choose the correct colors and pictures:
People react differently to colors. Some hate a specific color on sight while others are going to pick up a brochure because of its colors.
If the business has signature colors, use them just like fonts. And then use the trademark colors to branch out to distinct colors and tones. A pictureless brochure is a boring leaflet. People are creatures of vision. If we look at something lovely, fascinating, or enjoyable, we tend to get more attracted. And text messages give this appeal rarely. But there are pictures.
05. Make the brochure worthy:
The goal for a long-lasting design. This implies selecting the correct fonts and colors, using quality paper, and adding precious content. Something should be in the design that can boost its value and make it worth holding.
Hope you like this post on graphics designing. Other posts related to graphics design can also be read on our blog. If you like the post, then definitely tell in the comment box and give your suggestions. So we can do even better with our content.

Simple Tips For Designing A Creative And Eye-Catchy Logo

Logo Designing is a creative task and experienced graphic designer can easily design an attractive logo. There are a lot of people in the logo design industry these days, so you should learn how to design an effective and eye-catchy logo to be a professional logo designer. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to create a beautiful and eye-catchy logo.

Understand the brand
​It is clear that the logo is an image but it is an identification of a company or brand. You have to understand your brand and audience when designing a logo. The objective of the logo is also one of the most important things when designing a logo.

Use Online Resources
There is a lot of information available on the internet to get inspiration from the logos of world-leading companies. Do research on search engines and other freelancing sites to get inspired. Don’t feel restricted to get inspiration only from logo designs, explore other types of imagery like icons and typography. You can also quite conveniently use online tools to design an eye-catchy logo.

Create a Unique Logo
Creating a unique logo is an objective of every business owner because it is used everywhere from website to business card. A logo develops a reputation and distinguishes a company from its competitors.

Color and Text Font of Logo
You should think about every aspect of the logo like color and text font etc. Beautiful color and text font grab the attention of visitors or viewers. Viewers can easily recognize your brand with their colors. Every color has a particular psychological effect such as green color represent organic and growth. So, always give much importance to color and text font of the logo.

Keep it Easy to Understand
An excellent logo is distinctive, practical, simple, appropriate, and conveys an intended message. Individuals can easily recognize and understand your logo due to the simple design. So, try to design an interesting and memorable logo.

Everyone is unable to design an eye-catchy and attractive logo because it is a creative task. Color and text font is also played an important role in logo designing. So, you can easily design a beautiful logo by understanding the brand and using online resources.

Importance of infographics in your business

Infographics are gaining popularity and become widely used amongst businesses and organizations in both digital and print. Infographics are an influential tool which allows people to easily get information through the use of visual data, charts, and statistics. With the proper use of color, proportion, and negative space, information can be transformed into memorable, attention-grabbing and even persuasive graphics. Making good infographics you have to collect related data, write powerful text, and present them in an effective and visually pleasing way.

1) Infographics can easily catch attention:
If infographics are combined with well-written text & images then it became a very powerful tool to help your content cut through the information jungle and into your targeted audiences’ brains. Generally, facts, figures, stats, and other graphical elements are more preferable and if compelling enough, the information in your Infographics can really capture customer’s attention.

2) Infographics increase your brand awareness:
Infographics include the logo, website address, email or even contact information i.e. the relevant information about the creators. Thus it is truly a very effective way to increase your brand awareness.

3) Infographics can make your content viral:
The main feature of Infographics is potential visual content which is really appealing to many people so much, that most would want to share the same through their own networks and circles of influences. This made the content viral as more people like and likewise share the Infographic through their social media channels.

4) Infographics increase your search marketing results:
After the Infographics became viral, the highly beneficial effect such occurrences can bring to a particular business is better to search for marketing results. Infographics also generate important backlinks to you.

5) Infographics help you to increase your subscribers and followers:
The power of visual content can really be witnessed just by making a quick glance at your Facebook newsfeeds and walls. Exclusive infographics are always more eye-catchy & shareable than any ordinary text updates. This can be a very effective way of generating more subscribers and followers to your social media pages. This can open the doors to better interaction or engagement with your targeted audiences, which can make people more aware of your brand, products or services – and eventually convert them into paying customers.

So, from the above discussion, we know that infographics are one of the most important things in your business. You can create its own or can take help from professionals.“Cleonix Technologies” is a Kolkata based Web development company specializing in Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. For creating exclusive infographics contact us.

All about GIMP

GIMP is an open-source free raster graphics software. It is used for image editing and retouching, free-form drawing, converting between different image formats, and more specialized tasks. Under GPLv3+ licenses, it is released. It is available for Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Here are some advantages

  • GIMP is free opensource software. All software related updates are also free.
  • It works the same as other commercial image editing programs and can do most of the same thing, but at a cost of zero.
    Since GIMP is free, you can install it on many computers as you want.
  • The basic installation is easy & time-saving than many of its commercial counterparts. GIMP will run on any old computer – even if it is slow. But some commercial software doesn’t support this.
    If you need help you can consult with the community of GIMP users and enthusiasts.
  • There are GIMP enthusiasts who make all sorts of scripts/plug-ins/brushes/tutorials for the software – and all of these are also free.
  • As GIMP is Open Source, so you can use the code for something else.
  • Without using pirated copies of commercial software you can use GIMP as it is legal & free of cost.

The disadvantages of GIMP
These are the main drawbacks of GIMP.

  • No way to select multiple layers
  • In GIMP can’t apply same text styles to multiple text layers
    Can’t add effects to editable text
  • Without using the plugin, there is no way to export images optimized for the web.
  • Buggy – it does crash occasionally.
  • Arranging layers is not so easy. It does not support group layer.
  • Poor (or virtually nil) support for vectors.

Though all the disadvantages can be overcome.

5 Adobe Illustrator tricks you must know

Adobe Illustrator is a very popular vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. It was originally designed for the Apple Macintosh, and the development of Adobe Illustrator began in 1985. Illustrator CC was released along with Creative Cloud.The latest version, Illustrator CC 2019, was released in October 2018 and is the 23rd generation in the product line. It was reviewed as the best vector graphics editing program in 2018 by PC Magazine.
If you are a graphic designer & passionate about your career then you must read this blog. Here we’ll discuss 5 adobe illustrator tricks that you must know.

1.Command (or control onPC) + D Shortcut:This shortcut allows you to create copies of an object that have equal spacing Using this shortcut you can save your time.

2.Shape Builder: It’s similar to the pathfinder tool – which is a great tool – but the shape builder tool can accomplish the same things just fine and it’s more user friendly.

3.Draw Behind/Draw Inside: Basically, there are two little buttons in the Illustrator toolbar that allow you to draw behind an object or inside of it. It saves from moving things behind or create clipping masks.

4.Try Using Clipping Masks: This tool makes your work a very easier, and every beginner should use them. It keeps under control of any pattern or design to an area. If you can use them properly, they can save a lot of time.

5.Width Tool: The new tool of Illustrator CC is at the same time very simple to use. This tool allows to physically draw out part of a path to create varying widths in your stroke.

“Cleonix Academy” under “Cleonix Technologies” is a Kolkata based Web design training institute specializing in Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization.For learning more about Adobe Illustrator contact now.

Pros and Cons of Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a standard software when it comes to editing, retouching and prepping up photographs and ambiance attributes. In fact, the uses of Photoshop in real life is very popular. We have an accomplished fleet of seasoned creative artists who can deftly harness this most popular potential of Photoshop software to create brilliant and literally unbelievable effects.

When you want to edit an image file, the go-to program for some time has been Adobe Photoshop. Now, this is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, the primary disadvantage of that many users see is that there is no perpetual license for this app anymore. Subscription prices are so reasonable and affordable at $9.99 per month, but users are forced into a plan that they may not necessarily use frequently.

The advantages and disadvantages of this software should be considered from a neutral plane to understand the reason for its appeal among masses and why it is appreciated competition from other contemporary software.

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop
1. Prospect of cutting-edge tools at one’s clearance:
Adobe Photoshop offers a range of tools that help in the formation of fascinating graphics for web platform as well as handheld devices.Responsive graphics can be design through an inbuilt interface that makes editing images a cushy job.

2. Adobe Photoshop offers incomparable editing features:
Photoshop has developed software. It has no longer confined its editing capabilities to images only. In extension to photo post-processing, you can comfortably work on video content and carry out the intricacies of editing with flair. Photoshop accelerate its platform the features of the best video editing tools with its new clemency. You can work with the free mobile app available on subscription to extract the maximum amount from the software.

3. Creativity can be totally unbolted with the integrated stock library:
Most of the people who are acquainted with Photoshop know that free stock images are not readily available. One has to labor hard to come across free images that can be used for innovative processing. Further, applicable images may not catch one’s attention. Adobe Photoshop has deadened this problem with its own unified stock library from where you can retrieve the desired picture or video to let your creative juices flow.

Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop
4. Beginner’s may find the difficulties:
Mastering the Photoshop with all its complexity can prove to be a daunting task for seasoned users as newer updates and migration to Creative Cloud has added an abundance of tools which are difficult to remember and use. The learning curve is very steeper for greenhorns. One has to assign a significant amount of time to learn the usage of all applicable tools and use the same for retouching images.

5. Raw updates or untested beta versions are sometimes discharged:
This software no longer launches an advanced version annually which is a major Photoshop disadvantage. Instead, updates are discharged at frequent intervals. This has made the software susceptible to bugs which can be annoying for the user. You can statement about them to the Adobe support team and they would expeditiously fix the same. But if you have a compact project schedule to adhere to and you are not prepared for such gratuitous bugs, it can cause real problem grappling with the bugs.

The pros and cons of this software prove that it is still the first image editing app that is on the market today. Some of the new features may not be for every people, but Photoshop makes sure there is something for everyone and that’s why it has been treated the best there is for so long.

Despite suffering from the handful of disadvantages, Adobe Photoshop continues to dominate the mainstream graphics editing market with its powerful and current tools. The progressive tools may be reserved for the enlightened few but the basic tools are for everyone to use with confidence.

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