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How To Prepare Yourself For Java Interviews?

Java today is one of the most favorite software applications in web designing & is being chosen by the layman as well as high-end users for various purposes such as in flash video application, 3-D gaming, complicated software development etc. So students, Java developers, and technical recruiters are developing their own application using Java platform. But if your basic java knowledge is not up to the mark then you would not be able to produce your unique application and hence prospering in the ever growing & expanding IT industry would become infeasible. Thus first work on your Core java interview questions to get the job in IT industry as well as to improve your Java knowledge. Java, an object-oriented programming language has three basic level of programming viz. core java programming, specialized java programming & advanced Java programming. The first basic level is called basic Java programming language & is the first step of getting better on Java language. At the technical interviews you will be asked most questions based on the basic java as interviewer wants to check the fundamental knowledge of the candidate. There are many useful resources available both online & offline to make you prepare for java interviews but if you want to save your time and is searching for some ready reckoner guide then do follow some of the tips described here.
Make your fundamental java knowledge strong
First, make sure to read core java interview questions like

1. What is meant by OOP concept?
2. What is called abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism principle etc? Distinguish them according to their principle.
3. Special features of Core java language?
4. Why is Java programming better than other languages?
5. Basic applications of java language?

Practice core and basic java program simultaneously

Install basic java software on your system and practice some basic program by correct running & execution method. During java interviews, you will be asked to recognize the errors present in the program given or written by you. If you do not have practice coding Java programming by yourself, then you would find it very difficult to find the exact error hidden in the many steps of the coding.

Use online & offline resources to upgrade your skills

There are many books, videos, online documents are available on Core java interviews in both online as well as offline format. It will be beneficial for you if you can subscribe to practice test series on basic java. Some of these practice tests are completely free while for others there is a nominal charge you have to pay. Besides if you are looking for hard copy notes on Core java interview questions, then go through any bookstore and buy according to your requirement.

The Valuable Business Skills Of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was truly the inspiring man whose beliefs and decision making quality have inspired many people. He was one of the most successful American entrepreneur, business icon, inventor, and industrial designer.
Following are the top nine most inspiring lessons from Steve Jobs you can use to become a successful leader:
In childhood, Steve Jobs learned a useful lesson from his father: to craft the back of cabinets and fences correctly, even though they were hidden.
Jobs learned at an early age that it was important to do things the right way and it cant happen without focus or concentration. From the beginning, Steve Jobs believed in simple, beautiful design even on the parts of the product that you don’t see.
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” stated in Apple’s first marketing program. People like simple solutions to any problems and Jobs understood that. Apple devices combined hardware and software flawlessly with a simple design. Apple removes any unwanted features from their products. Steve Jobs prided himself on his designing thought that he carried with him throughout his time at Apple.
Have a Clear Vision
Steve Jobs was well known for his futuristic imagination when developing products. Often, someone would tell him that his ideas were not succeded and could not happen. Steve Jobs would tell them to find a way to accomplish it. So, he advised to have a clear vision and do your work.
Understand Customer’s Need
Jobs had a special power to anticipate future technology that people don’t even know they needed. Jobs totally reform the computer, music, phone, and tablet industry. He always gave importance to innovative ideas first. He knows that customers will not know what they want until we’ve shown them. This deep thought had helped him to make things possible.
Keep products before profit
Steve Jobs did not focus on saving money when he built companies. He believed that you should not start a company with the aim of getting rich. Your aim should be making something unique for your customer that helps a company to grow.

How to Become a Successful Blogger

Blogging is a great platform to make money and market your business. Getting profit from blogs is just a matter of grabbing the attention of an audience and not implementing any actual selling skill. In this article, you will learn how to promote a blog for your ultimate profit.

1) Where to start?
You can start blogging from free blogging platforms where you will be given a subdomain like,, etc. Though I would suggest you to write on your own domain, for that you need to have your own hostings and domain.

2. Choose a perfect niche
A niche refers to a targeted product, service, or topic. You should first identify on which product or service you are interested in or you have some expertise. Choose an area which you can freely write about on a daily basis. You can use keyword research tools of Google keyword planner, or Yahoo! Buzz Index to find popular searched topics.

3. Update frequently
Writing blog posts on regular basis not only to keeps your blog more engaging to readers, but it also gives your blog fresh content on a day to day making it more interesting to search engines. To maintain your blog traffic and retain your visitor’s interest you must update your blog on a frequent basis.

4. Analyse Your Blog Performance
Monitoring your blog’s performance is a very important factor. Integrate your blog with Google Analytics tool and Webmaster tool to know the interests, age, user platform of audiences so that you can upload content which people like to read.

5. Backlink and Network Building
Backlink is the very important factor to rank a website or blog in Google search engine. Share your blog to social media, do social bookmarking, use quora, yahoo answers to bring the visitor to your website. This will increase the visibility of your blog and also help you to build your network with other bloggers.

6. Personal Touch
Your blog post should sound like your personal opinion. In case of blogging trust factor works most. Try to tell personal stories in your blog so that people can relate themselves to you.

7. Engage in conversation
You should begin interacting with your readers. Create a regular time to reply to the comments you are getting. This will make your reader feel worthy.

Importance Of Artificial Intelligence In Our Society

AI or artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence operated by machines, especially computer systems. These techniques include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the data), reasoning (using the rules with proper logic), and auto-correction. An AI device includes expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision. The term of “artificial intelligence”, at first mentioned at the conference of Dartmouth in 1956 comes from John McCarthy who defined it as the science of creating the intelligent machine.
Importance of AI

Useful digital assistance
Machines have since the starting set themselves as crucial because of their ability to upgrade human efficiency. For communication, we passively depend on machines. But AI will enable machines to understand and communicate actively. In future communication through AI system will reduce the errors during communication, prediction will improve, delays will reduce.

Helps in Digital Marketing
Many organizations are already focusing on gathering the potential power of artificial intelligence and are working with automatic chatbots to boost their marketing efforts. It is truly the right way to attract customers. Chatbots and other similar AI tools or applications can take digital marketing to another level, where you answer the questions of potential customers, create interactive marketing advertisements, and resolve many repetitive and monotonous work without having to invest time and effort.

Boundless exploration
In case of exploration, biological boundaries of humans have always been believed as the major limitation. And it is not just the biological needs that have kept us from discovering inhospitable environments of space or underwater. These restrictions are also in the form of our sensory perceptions. There are many wave patterns and frequencies in our environment that human cant detects properly, this is the reason thermal camera and other AI devices that detect infrared waves have become so important for the consistent exploration even of our immediate environment. Machines with artificial intelligence can eliminate all these issues very easily.

Vast opportunities and possibilities
As per recent technological evolution, AI becomes more preferred because of its intelligent application. Since most used technology driven machines are limited to the technological field only, the technology was losing its significance in other spheres of life. But the invention of AI, the demand of AI driven machined gain popularities in the areas of medical science, finance systems, transportation, heavy mechanical industries, and even art.

Why Your Site Needs SSL Certificate:

SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.
SSL certificate works by creating two keys: a public key and a private key. A key is simply a long string of random numbers. The private key belongs to your web server. The public key comes from the web browser.

1. Data Security: The purpose of an SSL certificate is to keep all the sensitive information sent across the Internet safe and secure. It encrypts the data so that it becomes unreadable to other users. This way, only the intended recipient can view or make use of it.

2. Increase Page Rank: Google now fetches secure sites before unsecured sites.By installing an SSL certificate you can improve your site’s SEO.

3. Gaining Customer Trust: 68% of Internet users believe that the laws for protecting their rights are not good enough. There are 46.9% of them that don’t trust a website (and are even willing to let go of good products) if it doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate.


5 tips for choosing Domain Name of your website

A domain name is your website name. It is the address where Internet users can access your website. Computers use IP addresses. This IP address is nothing but a series of number. It is exceptionally troublesome for people to recall strings of numbers.Because of this, domain names were built and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers.

Tips for choosing Domain Name of your website:

1. Easy & Short: Long and complex domain names causes mistyping or incorrect spelling. So, always use short , simple & easy & memorable domain name.

2.Use keywords: Try applying keywords that key out your offered business and the services.

3.Unique name: Make sure the name you’ve selected isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. It must be unique.

4.Use an appropriate domain name extension: Extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .net, at the end of web addresses. These can have specific uses, so make sure to choose one that works for your business.

  • .co : an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  • .info : informational sites.
  • .net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
  • .me : blogs, resumes or personal sites

5.Avoid numbers and hyphens:Your domain wants to be one word or one set of words. No hyphens and no numbers. It’s hard to verbally communicate a domain name that has a space or a number.

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