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7 Great Ideas To Promote Your Mobile Applications

After finalizing the Indian App Developers for your mobile application development, you have to start thinking about the promotional activities of your mobile application so your application can reach to more and more users. Promotion of application is as much important as mobile application development as without marketing no one will get benefits of your application if they do not know about your application. In this blog, we are providing you the top ideas to promote the application that allows you to reach maximum users.

1. Promotional Website
This is necessary for any application. You can provide updates about your application on your website. You can explain the benefits of your application and why they need to install your application into their devices. You can create a video tutorial to explain how to use your application. Add your applications download links.

2. Social Media
Everyone knows that social media can change anyone’s life and has great power to reach the maximum audience. You can create a page about your application and grow a community on that page. You have also option to advertise your application in different social media platforms. You can also hire a Social media marketing person that can take care of your social media pages.

3. Advertisement in the Media
Media publications are as strong as earlier. Advertisement of the application in radio, newspapers and other online publications will boost your application’s marketing. You can tie-up with popular publications or banners.

4. Promote application with well-known bloggers
Many bloggers will be willing to ready to promote your application but before choose bloggers, make sure their average visitors, their visitors’ likes and dislike content, etc. Another aspect is the price of advertisement for bloggers. You can search most influencers in your domain and request them to support you to promote your application.

5. Newsletter
This is one of the best ways to connect with the audience. You can send regular updates, new promotional event details, improvements of applications, etc. to your audience. The newsletter will be helpful to keep in touch with your users.

6. Push Notifications
Push notifications are also another way to connect your users and remind them that they have downloaded your application. While sending push notifications to the users you must keep that in mind that it should not send frequently and have interesting stuff only. The timing of the notification is also an important factor. Set notifications based on time zone, so your notification can reach to every country of the world on time.

7. App Store Optimizing
This marketing strategy is one of the best strategies to gain customers in an organic way. This technic will allow you to tap into the respective stores if you have memorable application name, an accurate description, neat and clean screenshots, video tutorial of application and users reviews.

You can go through all the above activities for promoting your application and try to reach as much as more customers but before promoting, you should also have a great application that attracts users to download your application.

Why is PHP Web Development Frameworks best for your online business?

PHP Framework Development is based on the widely-used scripting language that is winning hearts all across the internet. The beautiful learning curve of PHP made developers addicted to it.

The language is used for more than 240 million websites and it’s absolutely free of cost to use PHP Framework Development for your website. A number of frameworks made PHP the most favorable option for web development. The popularity of WordPress is the most suitable example to tell how cool PHP is. But wait; there is more to the story. This blog compiles a list of some fun things that you can do from your website built with PHP. Business owners, who can’t take a decision whether to try it or not, can go through this blog to come to a firm decision. Take a look:

1. Brilliant option to cut down the spam and receive emails from genuine users: PHP offers an option to send an email from a form attached to your website. The option saves you from directly inserting your company’s email link on the website, and you don’t have to deal with tons of spam in your inbox.

2. Login system for members: It’s good to have a community of your own. With PHP it becomes even easier to have a member log-in. The registration information will be stored directly in a database and whenever the user returns the login system offers a hassle-free experience for you and your visitors.

3. Cool trick to show them their last visited time: The technique is based on the cookie. When a user returns to your website PHP shows when was the last time he visited your website by using the information from the stored cookie.

4. Stylish banner ads that rotate randomly: The biggest reason developers are addicted to PHP is that it is extremely easy and offer cool functions like rand() that allows displaying random banners. There is a surprise element linked with random things, and you can do the trick for home page banners, page headers, and random quotes.

5. The best trick to track your success: This feature is especially tempting to startups as PHP offers an option to create a page hit counter that tells how many people are visiting your website. You can track the visitor count to find out how are you going in the competitive market. Besides, you don’t even have to have a database for this trick.

6. Cool ways to connect to your users: Having a large community is tempting for every business. With PHP it becomes easier to connect with your users as the options to create web forums and adding polls is easy as ABC. Adding a poll for services or product quality is a smart way to find out what does your audience think about you? Likewise, you can host a web forum and store large quantities of information. Whether creating a new forum or modifying the existing one, everything can be done easily and quickly in PHP.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, you will love PHP for the options of creating calendars and redirecting users from an old page to a new URL. New and old every site owners love PHP, and for an e-commerce store, you can try the much acclaimed Virtuemart Development Services to add value to your business. VirtueMart works on the PHP and MySQL environment and offers a wide range of modules and components that are best suited for online businesses. The list of cool features might have cleared all your confusions regarding the best framework for web development. So don’t waste time anymore and try the useful things of PHP to kick start your business online.

Magento Import Export Extensions to migrate Product Data

When you have an e-commerce store to manage, change becomes a part of your life. If you are looking to move from Shopify to Magento or migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you need to manage product data efficiently. If you follow the default approach of importing data and editing the fields manually, it can take a large amount of time. And if you make any mistake, it can affect the SEO performance of the website, customer experience, and conversion as well.

Migrating Products from One Platform to Another: Simplify the Process

If you are looking for a stress-free way to import data to your Magento store or an easy option for exporting data to another platform, you need to choose an option that offers convenience so that you can save time, money and effort. Here are a few Magento import export extensions that will make your life easier:

1. Import Export Product Extension

It is one of the most reliable extensions designed to import and export products quickly. You can import products and update images with a CSV file. Use the Magento 2 import export products extension to import and export all types of products including simple, grouped, bundled, configurable, downloadable and virtual products. You can import and export products with specific fields, thus truly customizing your experience.

2. Import Export Product Attributes

In default Magento 2, importing and exporting products can be done by a CSV file. But the default function doesn’t include attributes. Attributes are the building blocks of any product catalog and they enhance the customer experience. So, you cannot ignore them. Consider M2 import export product attributes extension to manage bulk product attributes including attribute sets, attribute group, attribute type, attribute values, attribute options, etc.

3. Import Export Product Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for potential buyers to make a decision. And when you are migrating from one platform to another, you should not forget about product reviews. Instead of manually moving them, work with Magento 2 import export product reviews extension. It will make managing product reviews including review title, description, status, and ratings easy. With just one CSV file, you will also be able to migrate customer data associated with the reviews.

4. Import Export Wishlist Products

Not every customer buys all products at the same time. Every customer account has several products in the wishlist section. And when you are moving your store from Shopify to Magento or vice-versa, customers should be able to access their wishlist easily. To import the customer wishlist, use Magento 2 import export wishlist products extension.

5. Import Export Categories Extension

Just like M2 extensions help with products, they are also useful for migrating categories. Choose a Magento 2 import export categories extension to manage root categories, subcategories and also assigned products. This means all category-data including meta descriptions, meta title, meta keywords, anchor, category description, category image, page layout, and custom layout will be migrated with a CSV file. It makes editing the categories simple.

Why choose Extensions to migrate Product-Related Data?

The essential benefit of using extensions is ease and convenience. Instead of using the default option, extensions offer you the opportunity to edit fields according to your requirements and finish the process quickly. And don’t forget the support that you receive from your chosen Magento extension development company. Having Magento experts work for you means the migration process will be seamless and stress-free.

5 must-have features in a Travel Website

A travel website is a website focused on travel location, hotels, reviews, trip fares, or a combination of both. Building your own website is easy. Your new site will work better and look better if you plan a bit before you jump in. If you want to build a travel website, you must keep in mind about the following features.

1. Attractive Visuals: Attractive visuals catch users attention. First impressions are formed quickly. Attractive visuals make a strong statement and will have a bigger impact on your website. Also, people interact more on social networking sites that have plenty of images.

2.Straightforward & Predictive search filters: Search filtering is very useful as there are various parameters involved in traveling. Predictive search is nothing but a drop-down list that pops up immediately while typing so that you don’t have to hit ‘search’ to find out common queries. This is an excellent way to avoid displaying a large list of results, finding results quickly and to display questions the user hasn’t thought of. It is very user-friendly.

3.Customer reviews: Testimonials, customer reviews, and recommendations are increasing day by the day as users want to know others experience before making a decision. In case of travel sites reviews increase conversion rate. And as an added bonus, reviews help to improve your sites SEO ranking. So, the review is a must on any travel website.

4.Clear pricing without hidden fees: If the pricing is not clear and has hidden charges and taxes, there is a high chance of the user spending their money elsewhere. So, if you want to increase your profits, it is essential to know the importance of clear pricing. A pricing table must be simple and clear so that users’ can choose the appropriate package. It shouldn’t offer too much or too little, just the right amount of information for them to distinguish between the packages.

5.Google map integration: It helps people find the exact locations they are looking for by adding Google map links. It will be easy for people to see the destination easily as they needn’t cut paste the text into a map to view the location.

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Difference between website development and web application development

Web application development is a part of a website but the website may not be a part of web application development. Web application development is a process of developing a product which includes programs, procedures, and algorithms. On the other hand website, development means developing a website for the World Wide Web. A web application is developed to perform a specific task accurately and efficiently and website development helps in increasing the visibility of the business. Website will usually be available on the Internet but may be restricted to an organization’s intranet. A web application will usually be restricted to the intranet owned by a particular organization but may be available on the Internet for employees who travel beyond the reach of that intranet.

A website can never be implemented as a desktop application. It can be accessed by anybody and can contain static pages although it is possible to change the content of the web pages from a database. In this all users may have access to all pages in the web site, meaning that there may be no need for any sort of access control. It may have parts of the system which can only be accessed after passing through a login screen. Users may be able to self-register in order to pass through the login screen.

In simple words, Web application development is the creation and maintenance of software applications to be used on the World Wide Web. The web application can be accessed by authorized users only. It contains dynamic pages which are built using data obtained from a central data store. Any authorized user may submit updates, subject to his/her authorization level, and these updates would immediately be available to all other users. No part of the system can be accessed without passing through a login screen. Users can only be registered by a system administrator. The application may cover several aspects of an organization’s business, such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and shipping, in which case users will usually be restricted to their own particular area.

Web developers build, customize and extend web applications using programming languages, databases and some other things even geekier. The Web development strategies include several things like the business of e-commerce, web designing, the web content development, the client and server-side coding and also the configuration of the web server. So, when you need a website to run on a software application, you are in need of web development services and if you are looking for a software application to be run on a desktop computer, then you need web application development services. Many software development companies work on both technologies. Nowadays most people use both the technologies for the success and growth of their business. Both these technologies and services provided related to these are different from each other.

If you enjoyed reading this post, check out our blog section for more interesting contents. We also specialize in custom website development and digital marketing. You can contact us for all your project requirements.

Advantages of choosing shopify for your E-Commerce store

E-commerce, also known as internet commerce or electronic commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. E-commerce development is highly important in today’s competitive environment. Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and BigCommerce are some of the popular e-commerce platforms. Shopify provides quality and efficiency along with simplicity and rich features. Let us check the benefits of creating eCommerce store using Shopify.

1.Easy To Setup And Use:
Shopify is very easy to setup and use. It is the complete solution for those who don’t have knowledge of technicalities related to the development and hosting of the online store.

2.Visually Appealing Online Store:
The platform packs a variety of professional templates that facilitate the creation of unique and visually appealing online stores.

3.App Integrations:
The seller can also easily add extra features and functionalities to his store and raise its value.

4.Security and Reliability:
It offers security and reliability. Security is essential for online business because it deals with confidential personal and financial information of the customers.

5.Powerful Marketing Tools:
As a complete platform, Shopify has marketing advantages too. The basic version of Shopify offers SEO features along with advanced e-commerce analytics.

6.Excellent Loading Speed:
This gives the platform a super-fast loading speed and the e-commerce made on it to load in a matter of seconds.

7.Outstanding Customer Support:
Shopify experts are available 24/7 via email, live chat, or phone to resolve any queries and keep the store running flawlessly at all times.

For these amazing features, Shopify became one of the best choices for e-commerce store development.

Top 5 PHP Development Tools For Developers in 2019

In this blog, we will discuss some of the PHP development tools help us in developing great web apps:

1.Eclipse: Eclipse is one of the most popular of the PHP tools. As it is a fully developed tool, it is a commonly used integrated development environment (IDE) that PHP offers. The most impressive part of this tool is that it offers support to some of the most popular operating systems, like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Eclipse allows the users to use some of those specific plugins that will help in extending and customizing the IDE to fit into the requirements of the project.

2.Zend Studio: Zend Studio finds a way in our list of best PHP tools because of its matchless speed unlike any of the other PHP development tools. When using the Zend Studio, programmers and developers can enjoy the flexibility of writing and debugging code without the need to put extra time or effort to achieve the same.

3.Code Lobster: One of the most portable IDEs for PHP is Code Lobster. It offers vast support to a wide range of popular PHP frameworks and even CMSes. Some of the best CMS frameworks include CakePHP, Drupal, Joomla, Symfony, CodeIgniter, WordPress, and Magento. Programmers can now write customized web apps in PHP inserting in useful features, such as autocomplete, syntax highlights, debuggers, SQL managers, code validators, etc. with Code Lobster.

4.AWS Cloud 9: With AWS Cloud 9, you have the autonomy to use more than one widely used web technologies that include PHP. The programmers can write, debug, execute and run PHP code in any web browser. AWS Cloud 9 is a PHP development tool that offers you with the experience of writing web applications in PHP, which are not dependent on servers.

5.PhpED: PhpED is considered to be one of those strong PHP development tools available. It also supports PHP 7.1, there is also a big support to CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.

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Wix or WordPress which one you should use?

WordPress and Wix are great platforms for building your business’ online presence. Wix is much easier to use but does not have the same functionality as WordPress. To help you make the right decision between Wix and WordPress read the following blog.

1. Platforms Overview:
Wix is a website building platform that comes with a drag and drop builder to help you create websites easily. WordPress is a free, open-source publishing software. The most important difference is it should be installed on your web hosting server, which makes the setup process more complex than Wix. Using Wix you can create a variety of websites including a blog, business, online store, photography site and more. Wix is a full-service site builder that makes it easy for even the newest users to quickly set up a website. WordPress was conceived as a content management system that features a bare-bones content editor and can be populated with text, media, and links.

2.Costs for Setup and Maintenance:
The cost of setting up and running a website depends on a broad range of factors, and that can change considerably over time as a site evolves. Wix offers all of its tools in fixed monthly fees, users don’t need to factor in external costs. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system to download and install – and it is possible to set up an entire site nearly for free with a basic hosting package. From the official WordPress directories, you can get free themes & plugins.

3. Ecommerce Support:
Wix includes the number of e-commerce themed templates for setting up your site, but to get full e-commerce functionality that includes the payment gateways PayPal and Authority and other key e-commerce tools, you would have to buy their e-commerce web hosting package at a higher monthly price than the standard fees.WordPress offers an array of e-commerce themes and plugins to create a successful online store.

4.Design and Customization Options:
Wix offers 100% customizable templates, extraordinary design features and a variety of Apps for your website. In case of WordPress if you don’t have any coding skills, editing your site may ruin your front-end that means basic HTML/CSS knowledge is required for customizing your chosen theme.

Wix covers all the SEO capabilities that a standard website needs for enhancing their visibility and online performance.WordPress is considered to be a very SEO-friendly platform. Websites which are made using WordPress can easily be indexed by search engines with some technical configuration.

Wix & WordPress both have a few same features, but before using any platform you have to pick out the pros & cons of the features. “Cleonix Technologies” is a Kolkata based Web development company specializing in Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. For creating your website contact us asap.

5 Latest Features of PHP7

PHP 7 is the most important release of PHP programming language and is touted to be a revolution in the way web applications can be developed and delivered for mobile to enterprises and the cloud. This is the most important change for PHP after the release of PHP 5 in 2004.

1.Scalar Type Declarations:
Type declarations allow the function to require certain types of parameters at call time.
The two types of Scalar type declarations are: one is coercive or you can say it default and other is strict.
Type parameters: strings (string), integers (int), floating-point numbers (float), and booleans (bool).

2.Return Type Declarations:
The Return Type Declaration is the type of value that you want to return from a function.

3.Null Coalescing Operator:
It’s used to check the value. If it is set or null, or in other words, if the value exists and not null, then it returns the first operand, otherwise it returns the second operand.


// Equivalent code using ternary operator
$username = isset($_GET[‘username’]) ? $_GET[‘username’] : ‘not passed’;
// Chaining ?? operation
$username = $_GET[‘username’] ?? $_POST[‘username’] ?? ‘not passed’;
It produces the following browser output −

not passed
not passed
not passed

4.Spaceship Operator:
The Spaceship operator is represented like this <=> this is used to compare two expressions and return -1, 0, 1 when one variable is less than, equal to, or greater than, as compared to the other variable.

// Integers
echo 1 <=> 1; // 0
echo 1 <=> 2; // -1
echo 2 <=> 1; // 1

5.Constant Arrays Using define():
In PHP 7, you can define the array as a constant by using define.

define(‘NAME’, array(‘Chandar’,’Ram’,’Gugu’));
echo NAME[1]; // outputs “Chandar”

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5 things to consider when Hiring An Ecommerce Website Design Company

Electronic commerce is a way to do business over large electronic networks such as the Internet. Also called e-commerce, electronic commerce greatly facilitates transactions between companies and consumers (B2C), between one company and another (B2B), and between individual consumers (C2C).
There would be times when you won’t be building your website yourself. If you are on the lookout for professionals, then you need to be cognizant of the ways to find them; they should also be very much aware of the nitty-gritty of E-Commerce websites.5 things to consider when Hiring An Ecommerce Website Design Company.

1.Determine Your Needs: Determining your business needs is the most important factor to take into consideration. You need to ensure the design structure of your site is based on the needs of your business and reflects the objectives which you wish to achieve with the site.

2.Portfolio says everything: Check the company’s previous works. It is a solid proof that you can judge for their abilities in creating an e-commerce website. From their portfolio you can identify whether your needs matches with theirs or not.

3.Establish Your Budget: Websites are one of the most important aspects of a business. Though you cannot afford to cut corners on this area, determining the budget is very important.Check which company gives you best budget quote.

4.Shortlist A Few And Arrange Meetings With Them: Shortlist the top three agencies from their portfolio which closely fulfil your requirements and arrange a meeting with each one of them. Discuss the different brands, websites and businesses which you can take as inspiration and realise their key motivation.

5.Consistent and reliable support: You must remember that you have to choose the company which gives you consistent and reliable support.

“Cleonix Technologies” is the Kolkata based Web Development & Digital Marketing company specializing in Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. We hold the expertise in Ecommerce site development. Please visit our website to affordable services.

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