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Top trending java frameworks for 2021

Java frameworks were very much popular in the year 2020 and so it will be in the year 2021. However, the top 11 frameworks of Java for 2021 are given below-

1) Angular 2+

This framework of Java is very important to learn for the developers in the year 2021. This framework is having the capability of providing a perfect client-side solution. AngularJS can also be used for creating the client side’s dynamic web pages. It helps the developers in providing end-to-end tooling, dependency injection, declarative templates, and integrated practices for solving common challenges of development on the client-side.

2) Node JS

JavaScript is known to be the number one language for programming and in that language, Node.js plays an immensely important role. JavaScript is basically used as a scripting language of the client-side where it is used along with HTML so that it can provide a good and dynamic behavior on the client-side. It may run on the web browser but the Node.js helps it to run on the server-side.

3) Spring Boot

Previously Spring Boot was having a lot of lack in the configuration. It is very simple to write code by using this framework and it is simple like that of writing a core application of Java by using the main() method. But still, with the advancement of time, there have been many updates made and in near future, it will play an important role as it is simple and easy to use.

4) React

React is known to be another famous framework of JavaScript which is mainly used for building the user interface. It may be similar to that of Angular but is maintained by Instagram, Facebook, and a community of individual corporations and developers. Large web applications can be created easily by web developers. Hire dedicated developers and it will help in changing over time without even reloading the page.

5) Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a web framework that is front-end and open-source. It helps in designing web apps and websites. Bootstraps help in providing design templates that is CSS-based for buttons, forms, navigation, typography, and other components of the interface. Responsive web design is supported by Bootstrap and so it can be said that there is a dynamic adjustment of web pages that depends on the screen size of the web browser. This is leading by its philosophy of a mobile-first design approach.

6) jQuery

The client-side scripting is very easy by using this jQuery framework of Java. Doing animation, sending HTTP requests, reloading pages, performing client-side validation is possible by writing a few lines of codes.

7) Spring Security 5

In the year 2021 security will be a very important factor for each and every business owner. It is very essential to update with the latest Spring Security in the year 2021. The new version of it will be having a completely new module of OAuth 2.0 and many bug fixes.

8) Apache Hadoop

In the year 2021, Big Data as well as automation will be the focus of many companies. So programmers must pay attention to technologies of Big Data like Spark and Hadoop. Large Data’s distributed processing is allowed by Apache Hadoop that sets across various computers using simple models of programming. The design of this framework is for scaling up to thousands of machines from single servers. Map reduced pattern is basically followed.

9) Apache Spark

This is also a framework for Big Data. This engine is fast and in-memory data processing with expressing and elegant development APIs. It helps in allowing data workers to execute machine learning, streaming, or workloads of SQL that needs fast access to datasets. Spark can be used for in-memory computing for machine learning, ETL, etc to Hadoop.

10) Xamarin

Xamarin can be considered to be a framework of Java that helps in developing mobile apps in a faster way with a single code base of c#. Microsoft owns this and is gaining popularity to create mobile apps for C++, C#, and C developers. Developers who already know C language can easily grab Xamarin. The best Java development company will always hire some of the developers who are experts in Xamarin.

11) Cordova

This is known to be a famous framework for developing mobile applications. This was originally created by Nitobi. In the year 2011, Adobe systems purchased Nitobi and change the brand to PhoneGap. Then an open-source software was released by the name of Apache Cordova. It helps the developers in using standard technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML for the development of cross-platform.

All these 11 frameworks of Java is very important to learn for the year 2021. Many web development companies are there who will look into the matter of hiring specialists for each and every Java framework and a business owner must choose their developer wisely.

Tips To Design A Mobile Website For Increased Visibility

Today, we are living in an era where mobile devices took the place of a PC/Desktop. Many computer games, applications, and even a lot of websites can be now accessible on mobile phones. This increasing use of mobile phones has created an opportunity for the development of online businesses. With the inconsistent, expensive and limited network data connections, mobile internet is truly a savior in many situations. And not to forget that as mobile is handy, the internet can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This has prompted web developers to design websites that are compatible with mobile phones.
Hence, it becomes really important for the business to have a mobile-friendly website in order to expand their markets. The most important feature of any Mobile Website is that it should be simple and easy to navigate. Mobile users are looking for an experience of mobile browsing that is comparable to their desktop browsing. Here are some tips for making a good mobile website.
Tips For Designing A Mobile Website

  • The content on the Mobile Website should be concise as compared to the desktop websites to make it more digestible for the mobile users. Lengthy and long texts are a put-off for the readers as they have to scroll down the page to read the whole lengthy text. The average word count of any website has to be between 70 to 110 words.
  • A mobile website must contain both personalized website content and updates such as forums, articles, comments, and events, etc. The frequently changing content should be updated automatically and should also be shown in full length. This can be done with the use of RSS or XML. by setting up a direct content feed from the desktop website to the Mobile Website.
  • A Mobile Website should have fewer graphics and if there are any, then they should be optimized for the mobile users. They should be of small size so that they can be downloaded easily and quickly.
  • There should be very few navigation links on mobile websites and precise tuning of the navigation links should be done for mobile users. Location-based links and touch-to-call links on smartphones are very much desirable by mobile users.
  • The navigation on the mobile should be fast enough with easy navigation controls. The users should be directly and quickly linked to the content of the website they are looking for, even if there are 2-3 layers to reach.

Today, it is very affordable to develop a mobile Website. In fact, nowadays most of the web designers work with a responsive site design so that it can easily fit with the present mobile trend. Hence, it would be advisable to you invest just that little extra time and money to develop a mobile Website for your business.
Cleonix Technologies is a well known Professional Web Design and Development company based in Kolkata, India. It offered services include Website Development, Logo Designing, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, SEO & PPC Services etc. To know more about its services, log on to our site .

What should not be included on your website?

With all the inspiration on the internet around us, it can be difficult to figure out which pieces are most important to your website. Without understanding what should be on your website, you can easily end up with a useless one that does not reflect what your business is about or achieve your goals. We’ll discuss what should not be included in your website here.
1. White Space:
White space in terms of web design is “the space between graphics, columns, images, text, margins and other elements.” It is one of the most important design tools because it dictates how a page flows and reads. Notwithstanding its name, it is important to note that white space is not always white— it is just empty. The room on a website can easily be filled with a background color or basic texture, but it’s still white space if it doesn’t have any elements on it.
2. Automatic music / sound:
Have it sounded great on a website, but there are a good time and place for all? So just avoid the auto-play videos or music that will load when the website is launched. Instead, give the option to sound or not to visitors. This way, before they even know who you are, you wouldn’t lose your visitor.
If you really need to have sound on load, make sure you have a prominently displayed’ mute’ or’ turn off sound ‘ button.
3. Splash Pages:
As splash page is a welcome or entry page that loads for your website visitors before the actual home page. These so-called’ splash pages’ are more like splashy irritating roadblocks. Most of the time, these important tourists would have preferred to click on your website link from their rivals, so why do you need to ask them again if they really want to’ pass’ your website.
4. Complex Navigation:
The navigation of your website is much like a road map; it shows the list of all your sites to your users and where to find any information. Your navigation doesn’t have to be complex, it should be easy to use and locate. If you can, keep it lean and ensure that the information in it is properly organized to allow users to maneuver it seamlessly.
5. Pop-ups:
If you visit a website, you didn’t have these windows popping up with ads. Visitors to the website need to see that your website does not have pop-ups thrown at them. May be having an email address just before the user leaves the site or after spending a couple of minutes on the site.
6. Big Images:
Using photos of good quality, but make sure these images are optimized for easy download. It becomes frustrating for a visitor to wait for images to be downloaded, not even knowing what they are sometimes. Make sure that all your photos have’ alt’ and’ title’ tags to let your visitors understand what each picture is about. It will also allow you to achieve better ratings of search engines.
7. Inadequately written content:
Before writing something for your website, make sure that it is well written with proper grammar usage, clear punctuation, and correct spelling. Keep the writing style in a simple, clean and concise way to instill confidence in the company.
Consumers of today access your website from their desktops and laptops, as well as from their smartphones and tablets. This checklist will help ensure that your responsive site does what it should do for your business–to increase your profits. We, Cleonix Technologies, are a web development company specialized in all web development and digital marketing strategies in Kolkata. To produce an amazing outcome, we collaborate with companies of all shapes and sizes. If you think it’s time for your company to stand out from the crowd, we can help you get started!

The Most Significant Tips to Optimize your E-commerce Website

Optimizing a website generally involves 2 stages:
1) Planning out each web page so that the search engines can understand exactly what the content is about.
2) Obtaining links from other relevant and trusted websites back to your website.
If you can successfully complete these stages it can lead to your website ranking highly in the search engines and generating lots of free traffic and customers.
The problem with most eCommerce websites is that they can contain hundreds and possibly thousands of products yet the product descriptions tend to be very basic or simply generic product descriptions taken from a manufacturer’s brochure or website.
In order to optimize an eCommerce website successfully, you have to expand these minimal descriptions, be creative and introduce the keywords that are relevant to the products in such a way that they are informative and flow correctly. Some websites have product descriptions stuffed with keywords yet they have no logical meaning. The search engines will spot this and penalize your website.
Here are 10 eCommerce website optimization tips:
1. Create and maintain a clean and uniform site structure. The home page should promote the product categories whilst all the internal pages should follow a clear path easily understood by both search engines and customers.
2. Every product page should have a unique title. This is one of the most important areas of eCommerce website optimization. Products can be very similar but you have to try and differentiate them from one another by some unique variation.
3. Select an appropriate unique keyword for every webpage reflecting the important phrases within the webpage content.
4. Create an interesting and relevant description for each page. This description is the snippet that appears in the search engine results pages and the more interesting you make the wording the better chance you have of getting a potential customer to click through to your website.
5. Create a visible ‘Breadcrumb’ navigation structure which will enable customers to find their way through your website easily. This helps to indicate to visitors whereabouts they are in the site and offers them shortcut links to previous pages. It also improves eCommerce website optimization.
6. Optimize all images by completing the Alt tags using relevant keywords. This is the alternative text that the search engines can read as they cannot read images on their own.

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7. Generate an XML sitemap which will help the search engine robots to find and index all the webpages. If the eCommerce website has hundreds of pages you can generate and submit multiple sitemaps.
8. Submit your site manually to SEO friendly directories. Filling in the submission forms manually and carefully helps to make the directory administrators job an easier one and hopefully approve a link to your site.
9. Submit quality articles with titles and content relevant to your website and keywords to article directories and social bookmarking sites. Article submission is an important part of eCommerce website optimization as it is one of the quickest ways of gaining high-quality backlinks. Submit the article URL’s to do follow bookmarking sites. You need to select the do to follow bookmarking sites and submit the URL to them.
10. Monitor the success of your eCommerce website optimization with a good analytics tool. There are some excellent free analytics tools available but if you have a particularly large site you may have to spend some money on a paid version. You can track and analyze visitor behavior with a good analytics tool.
By putting the above tips into practice you can help to strengthen your eCommerce website optimization and improve its rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Top 5 Image Compressor Plugin For WordPress

Image compression reduces the size of graphics file bytes without increasing the image quality to an unacceptable level. The increasing file size makes it possible to store more images in a given amount of disk or memory space. It also reduces the time required to send images over the internet or download them from web pages. Here we will analyze the plugin for WordPress image compressor.
1. Smush Image compressor:
This is the best plugin for WordPress compressor image. Any kind of images uploaded by the client can compress this plugin automatically. And also include bulk optimization options that allow you to tackle multiple tasks at one time, this bulk feature in the free version of the plugin is restricted to only 50 files at a time.
2. EWWW image compressor:
This image plugin of the WordPress compressor has up to 700 K Active users. Any type of images you upload to your blog will be automatically optimized upon installation and setup as long as they are either JPG, PNG or GIF files. It also provides a section to customize the site’s entire media collection for bulky pictures.
3. ShortPixel Image:
This is the most popular WordPress compressor image plugin. It also packs a nice interface after each jpeg, png and giving you upload is automatically configured after downloading and triggering the plugin. Short pixel allows you to choose between compression methods that are lossless. It optimizes all WordPress photo thumbnails. It can set the maximum resolution for your images, save a backup of each image you upload to a new folder automatically.
4.TinyPNG compressor:
Easily use this free plugin to compact the media library. It has lossy compression methods that greatly reduce file sizes while preserving the image quality mostly. In its setup tab, this plug-in does not provide many configuration options as you can not change the compression it uses. But, when it comes to the optimization process, you can choose maximum resolutions for your uploaded images.
This plugin has, on the photos you can view, a rather stifling 100 KB file size limit that essentially makes it a glorified demo. Generally speaking, you’re trying to get a hundred KB of non-size down, but it works really well and it’s easy, but it’s essentially a premium plugin.

Hopefully, you’ve found this list of best compression plugins for WordPress images useful. Cleonix Technologies provides a range of web development services in Kolkata. We have an expert team of web designers & web developers, you achieve your goals.

Most Common WordPress Errors Every developer should know

In present times, WordPress has created a lot of hype mainly because it is freely available and developers can create websites using its different feature very easily. However, lately, there are reports that users with less technical knowledge are facing some trouble in accomplishing the task. These errors are very small but if the user lacks technical knowledge then it becomes very difficult and gets stuck in that error itself.

Normally a WordPress developer will have very good knowledge about this but still, if you are facing any trouble then you can go through below mentioned errors and solutions.

1. Retrieval of lost admin password
There have been reports that many times lost password section of WordPress tool does not work properly and the password reset link is not received through the mail. This problem is one of most common and it can be solved by going through databases where you will get your user name and password.

2. Admin dashboard not displaying properly
Web developers of WordPress development India are facing this issue a lot when the admin dashboard is displayed without CSS and none of the pages is arranged properly. This problem is either because proxy or firewall blocking or you need to update WordPress plugins.

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3. Error message about header information
Most of the developers get this error “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /path/blog/wp-config.php:34)”, after upgrading WordPress. This problem can be solved very easily by removing spaces and other unwanted stuff from the config.php file.

4. WordPress blog showing blank page
Usually, after installing any new themes in WordPress, the entire blog shows an only blank page and sometimes even dashboard becomes inaccessible as it also becomes blank. This problem can be solved either by uninstalling or renaming the newly installed theme through FTP.

5. Memory exhausted error
“Fatal error: The allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted”, this error is shown many times when a developer tries to upload an image even if the size is not much bigger. This error can be solved just by allocating more memory to PHP.

6. Authentication problems
So many times WordPress developers get authentication issues even after inserting correct user name and password in the admin login page. This error is because windows hosting server does not have index.php file in directory indexes section so just go to that section and create it.

7. _network_admin() error
Many times developers get error “Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()” while trying to login to admin page after updating WordPress. This error is because of the incomplete update of WordPress and can be solved by updating it manually.

8. Admin login 404 issue
Many times developers get 404 issues page when they try to the login admin page. This issue can be solved quite simply by going through databases and update the URL in phpMyAdmin.

9. Maintenance Error
Many times when WordPress is upgraded automatically, the user gets an error stating the service is not available briefly for scheduled maintenance. This error can be solved only through going to root directory via FTP and delete “.maintenance” file.

10. Not able to delete plugin
Many times it happens that even after you delete a plugin, it again appears in the WordPress admin page. This issue is because some files of the plugin remain in the directory without appearing in the FTP and can be solved only if you have SSH access to your blog. Using this access all the folders can be listed and you can delete plugin folder.

Did you know the disadvantages of OpenCart?

OpenCart is an open-source free e-commerce platform that enables anyone to build a website that enables clients to purchase products. This enables you to immediately scale your company while your focus can stay on effectively operating it. You can begin your shop free of charge, and free of charge are all updates and downloads.

1. The various facilities do not always operate together:
You will find that OpenCart module installation process is very similar to the WordPress installation process. Although initiating is simple, you will discover that extensions, add-ons, modules, and plugins do not always like working together. A mix that works well for your site can be a long trial and error scheme to come up with. In some cases, these disputes may be sufficiently serious to compromise your site’s user experience.

2.Failure to import normal products:
This is a major disadvantage to be listed in our evaluation of OpenCart. By installing a suitable plug-in, it can be solved. But at the same moment, all the plug-ins We encountered operate on the basis of the following principle: brings products straight to MySQL, often replacing the already existing goods.

3. It generates problems of canonization for SEO:
When you begin constructing your platform with OpenCart, you will discover that creating multiple duplicate websites is one of its greatest issues. You will find that as you go through the design process, the same page on your website may have several different URLs. This creates an issue for your current SEO campaign and forces you to handle canonization at a coding level to avoid spreading too much of your link equity.

4. It offers a slow experience of checkout:
The checkout experience with OpenCart is slower than what you will find with other e-commerce platforms unless you choose to install extra plugins. It may be free, but some locations will feel disadvantaged by this platform.

For beginners and for intermediate programmers/shop owners, it’s a very nice script. With nearly any amount of products, it works okay. It requires more server resources than Quick. Cart but much less than PrestaShop or Magento. You can use the open cart but be conscious of its disadvantages before using it.

Free or Paid WordPress Plugin: Which Suits Your Site The Best?

Many developers consider WordPress to be the best platform to create websites. This is because it provides lots of functionalities to create websites. One of the key benefits of creating websites in WordPress is that a website’s functionality can be extended using a plugin. You can find an abundance of plugins on the WP plugin repository that you can use to extend your website’s functionality. These plugins are available with excellent features that empower you to perform many actions. In the digital market, you will find two types of plugins, first, that come with a price tag, and second, that is free of cost. Premium WordPress plugins are more feature-rich and reliable than their free counterparts because they are generally created by professional developers.

Benefits of Premium WordPress plugins
Paid are equipped with the best features and better quality that you may not get in free plugins. They are built with quality code and provided with better services as they’re made for generating profits. Various developers integrate competing for features into such plugins to make their tool better from other developers. Below are some essential benefits that you can avail with a paid WordPress plugin.

1. Secure
Safety of your website is always your prime concern. There are lots of threats out there in the form of malware, hacking, spamming, etc, you need to implement the best tools and systems to protect your website from any potential threat. This can be a potential cause of malware or hacking attacks if you haven’t obtained them from a reliable source. Many premium WordPress plugins come with inherent security features and no such paid product come with any malicious content.

2. Quality codebase
The code quality of paid one is usually much better than the free one. This is because paid plugins are created by experienced and professional developers who write maintainable and quality code. However, free plugins are usually created by hobbyists or inexperienced developers who don’t create proper code that result in poor plugin performance.

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3. Constant updates
Developers keep providing constant updates for their paid plugins to meet the latest web trends. This makes the plugin cope with the trending features in the web world as well as with the latest WordPress version. Free product in absence of any update may get incompatible with your new WP version.

4. Solid features
Paid usually come with better functionality and features than the free product. Plus, they also provide superior back-end usability.

5. Help & support
You can get immediate help and assistance in case of issues with premium WordPress plugins. Generally, there is a support team with paid plugins that listens to your problems and provides immediate solutions which are not available with a free one.

Plugins are great tools to extend your website’s functionality. Paid plugins provide several benefits that you may not get with a free plugin. They come with proper code, safety features, instant support to help you, and more. By using a premium plugin, you can get many advantages that free plugins lack.

Career Prospects of Computer Programming

Computer professionals are so much in demand today that those with an undergraduate graduate degree in computer science or information technology can easily get established in a computer technology career. However, if you’d like to stand out from the pack, consider obtaining a certification in software development or completing some technology training.

There are plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a career in computer technology. One of the most in-demand computer careers is computer programming. Basically, a Computer programmer writes computer software. Though, it’s not as simple to write computer software as it sounds. For that, the programmer needs to be proficient in various programming languages such as C, C++, XML, Java, Lisp, Python and others.

Computer programming is known as the process of writing software or computer program source code. Actually Computer programming is a set of instructions written in one or more programming languages followed by the computer to conduct certain tasks or operations. Hence, it involves designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. Besides being adept in programming languages, the computer programmer must have knowledge in application domains, specialized algorithms, and formal logic.

A Computer programmer performs multiple operations as part of their work, namely

• Coding: is the process of writing computer instructions using some human-readable programming languages.

• Compilation: The process of translating source code into object code is referred to as compilation.

• Debugging: It refers to the process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, flaws, or problems in a computer program.

• Documentation: Known as internal documentation or programmer documentation, it is the process of documenting source code so that other programmers can easily navigate through the code in order to find or fix bugs or to add new features.

• Integration: The ability to read or manipulate the data or information on any program by another program using standard format is known as integration.

• Maintenance: It involves the process of restructuring the body of code in order to improve the readability and maintainability of the code and to reduce the complexity of the code.

• Requirements Analysis: It is the process of determining the requirements of the client so that the software developed to conform to client needs and requirements.

• Software Architecture: It refers to identifying key scenarios, quality attributes and specific requirements that need to be considered so that the software has a solid foundation.

• Software Testing: It is a process to execute a computer program in order to validate and verify its quality.

• Specification: It’s a set of requirements to be fulfilled by a program or software. A programmer expects the program to perform certain activities and if it fails to meet even one of the applicable specifications, it is termed as being out of specification.

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Certification is a good way to demonstrate proficiency and often gives a good job to a candidate. There are different types of certification available in the programming field. Some certifications are very specific to certain programming languages. Others are associated with certain software companies who may require professionals who work with their products to carry their specialized certifications. Other kinds of certification are also available through various organizations.

At Cleonix Academy , We provide a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions to help you and your business achieve and sustain a competitive edge. Our internationally qualified training team has extensive experience in designing and delivering business and skill training across the Globe. Visit our website to get more info!

Top 3 benefits of a multilingual website

Millions are online at any time and come from a worldwide population that is ever-expanding. How can you focus efficiently on all these internet customers? A website that is multilingual. There are only 3 reasons why each company must have a multilingual website.
More Customers reach:
While English still serves as the main internet language, most people think this will not always be the case. Indeed, in a near second and third, both Chinese and Spanish arrive. Trends are also demonstrating the constant fast development in new internet users, as English internet users seem to be up in French, German, Swiss, Russian and many more languages. In this context, you can reach more prospective clients today and in the long term through a multilingual website.
Therefore, you must always guarantee that you are acquainted and skilled in the area of your concern when selecting a translation service.
Enhance the work of SEO:
A company’s success relies primarily on its capacity to rank strongly among websites relating to the industry. And as long as the multilingual website is correctly developed, the search findings for Google will be greater. And in some countries, we’re not just talking about Google or Bing as these platforms aren’t so influential. For example, Baidu is China’s biggest search engine, Yandex dominates the Russian market, and Voila has a major position in France.
Show that it is customer-centric:
Multi-language websites companies have proved customer-centered, thereby improving the reputation and credibility of the entire brand within target audiences. This is only a question of human nature, as we all love to feel recognized and valued.
If you provide customers with high-quality material in their mother tongue, be sure that they respect you more and prefer your services to someone else. Of course, their way back is to spend more time on your website and eat more material and eventually spend more cash on the purchase of your goods or services.
If it seems too complex to build a multilingual website, believe twice, before you reject the concept. It is a time-consuming and difficult method, but it also brings your company to an entirely fresh level. A multilingual website allows you to communicate with more individuals around the world and offer a world-class customer service experience. You will not regret it!

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