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Difference between website development and web application development

Web application development is a part of a website but the website may not be a part of web application development. Web application development is a process of developing a product which includes programs, procedures, and algorithms. On the other hand website, development means developing a website for the World Wide Web. A web application is developed to perform a specific task accurately and efficiently and website development helps in increasing the visibility of the business. Website will usually be available on the Internet but may be restricted to an organization’s intranet. A web application will usually be restricted to the intranet owned by a particular organization but may be available on the Internet for employees who travel beyond the reach of that intranet.

A website can never be implemented as a desktop application. It can be accessed by anybody and can contain static pages although it is possible to change the content of the web pages from a database. In this all users may have access to all pages in the web site, meaning that there may be no need for any sort of access control. It may have parts of the system which can only be accessed after passing through a login screen. Users may be able to self-register in order to pass through the login screen.

In simple words, Web application development is the creation and maintenance of software applications to be used on the World Wide Web. The web application can be accessed by authorized users only. It contains dynamic pages which are built using data obtained from a central data store. Any authorized user may submit updates, subject to his/her authorization level, and these updates would immediately be available to all other users. No part of the system can be accessed without passing through a login screen. Users can only be registered by a system administrator. The application may cover several aspects of an organization’s business, such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and shipping, in which case users will usually be restricted to their own particular area.

Web developers build, customize and extend web applications using programming languages, databases and some other things even geekier. The Web development strategies include several things like the business of e-commerce, web designing, the web content development, the client and server-side coding and also the configuration of the web server. So, when you need a website to run on a software application, you are in need of web development services and if you are looking for a software application to be run on a desktop computer, then you need web application development services. Many software development companies work on both technologies. Nowadays most people use both the technologies for the success and growth of their business. Both these technologies and services provided related to these are different from each other.

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