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Web Development

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Website Development

Every significant website development project poses unique challenges, but the overall process of developing a complex web site generally follows six major stages that you should think through before crafting your final project planning and proposal documents:

  • Site definition and planning
  • Information architecture
  • Site design
  • Site construction
  • Site construction
  • Site marketing
  • Tracking, evaluation, and maintenance

Website development in large scale is a process that may have far-reaching budgetary, personnel, and public relations consequences for an organization, both during the development of the site and long after its deployment. Too many web sites begin life as ad hoc efforts, created by small interest groups working in isolation from their peers elsewhere in the organization and without fully considering the site’s goals within the context of the organization’s overall mission. The result of poorly planned, hasty website development efforts often is an “orphan site,” starved of resources and attention.

Why Cleonix?
We don’t abandon your site once the production “goes live” and the launch parties are over. Since we are a professional website development company we will be responsible for coordinating and vetting the new content stream, maintaining the graphic and editorial standards, and ensuring that the programming and linkages of all pages remain intact and functional.
  • Production
  • Technology
  • Web server support
  • Budgeting
  • Functional and logic components
  • Backups and site archives
We ensure that a catastrophic hardware failure in your web server does not wipe out your web site.