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Best Reasons Why Monitoring Web Performance Matters

A website is something more than an electronic version of your company’s profile. Retaining the present customers and attracting new traffic calls for monitoring the performance of your website. The importance of monitoring website performance lies in the fact that it enhances the experience of the visitors. Here are a few reasons why you should monitor the performance of your website.

Higher search rankings
The ultimate goal of having a website is to attract customers from the cyberspace. Therefore, your website should rank higher in the search engine results. A well-maintained website gets more favor from the Google algorithms, which place it higher up the index. Automatically, the traffic inflow increases in your website and you can outplay your competitors.

Better user experience
When you provide the customers with a seamless experience in navigating through the pages, they are likely to visit it again in the future. Slow loading pages, outdated content, old versions of websites and poor functioning of the website elements stain the reputation of your company. In a competitive world, people judge your brand image by going through the website. Create an impressive image of your company by monitoring the performance of your website.

Compatibility with mobiles
Previously, certain websites were not friendly with mobile devices. However, today, nearly half the internet users access websites through mobile devices. The importance of monitoring website performance or application monitoring can be assessed from the marketing perspective of a company. You can reach out to a much wider customer base when your website is compatible with mobiles. Technologies keep on evolving and you should monitor your website performance to ensure that they are supported by the latest devices. People should be able to access your websites anytime they want, from their smart phones.

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Visual pleasure
Photos and videos are integral elements in a website. Vibrant images entice the visitors to read the content down below. You need to keep on updating these images, photos, and videos from time to time. The website performance drops when you place the same content or image for a long period of time. People never love to scroll through irrelevant stuff, so they move on to other sites providing better materials. When you monitor the performance of your website, you can retain the health and functionalism of the same.

As you know, the digitized world is a battleground for generic brands, each trying to topple the other. Optimizing your website is a key to success in this competition. Your brand image, ranking, and marketing stand on how you monitor your website. When you try to bring in more customers, you should offer features that other websites do not. Evidently, your website turns out to be the most vital weapon to take you to safe shores in business. You can stand apart from the other brands when you have an optimized website.

These are the key reasons why you need to monitor your website. The Importance of Monitoring Website Performance is relevant in the present business set-up for all the industries. Keep your website updated for better returns in business.

5 Must-Have SEO Tools for On-Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a place where you create your websites and use particular tactics to rank your sites higher on google search results pages usually using SEO tools. Higher the ranking, greater would be your site traffic and higher chances of possibilities.

SEO can be of two types: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. Even though both the techniques aim at increasing your website’s ranking, On-page optimization is what you do ON your webpages most of the times using top SEO tools. It could be page titles, keywords, backlinks, meta tags, etc. Off-page optimization refers to the things that are done OFF your website such as using social networking platforms, articles, and blogs, communities, marketing, etc.

In this post, let’s take a look at the top SEO tools review and compare top SEO tools. These tools play a critical role in your website analysis and allow you to focus on such key elements based on Webmaster’s guidelines.

Below are the top 5 SEO tools which could be used to audit your SEO:

1. Google Webmasters Tool

  • Ask Google as to how it sees your website. I.e. you could use Google’s Webmasters Tool itself to know how Google sees your website, analyses and ranks it.
  • These are really user-friendly and free tools which help you with critical troubleshooting to improve the SEO performance. Using this troubleshoot report, you could customize your site for better performance.
  • This tool helps you to quarantine the malicious links in case if your site is hacked.
  • Google Webmasters Tool also provides PageSpeed Insights.

2. Check My Links

  • This free tool enables you to check if any of your external or internal links are broken.
  • This tool makes the editor’s life easy to make corrections to the page as it rapidly detects the number of broken links on the page.
  • This tool indicates all the good links in green color and broken links in red which makes it easier to fix such inactive or broken links.

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3. Moz Pro Tools

  • Moz Pro tools offer a free trial for 30 days after which they have paid plans in various prices.
  • This all-in-one tool helps you to increase the search rankings of your site.
  • This tool easily identifies crawl ability factors of your website that are influencing your site performance.
  • Moz’s tools help you identify the opportunities, build reports, track your website growth etc.

4. SEO Report Card

  • This is also another free tool which provides you a SEO Report card.
  • The report card provides a detail website assessment to compare it with your immediate competitors.
  • The SEO report card provides On-site Analysis, Rank Analysis, Link Building, Website Accessibility, Trust Metrics, Current Indexing etc.

5. HubSpot’s Website Grader

  • A free tool which helps the brands to discover SEO opportunities.
  • This online tool generates reports based on the following metrics- Performance, SEO, Mobile Readiness, Security, etc.
  • HubSpot’s also offers a wide variety of paid tools which provides in-depth analysis to uncover opportunities for website optimization.
  • Apart from these free tools you could also buy SEO tools which might help you with your requirements in specific. So, spend some time to gain knowledge about best tactics to boost your SEO, compare varieties SEO tools and use them to improve your site ranking.
What is a website blog and how effective is it?

A blog, or ‘web blog’ is a website regularly updated by an individual, which comments upon particular products, services or events. It’s often used by businesses to let you know what they offer, as well as to give advice upon a particular product or service. It is also used by individuals, mostly teenagers, as an online ‘interactive’ diary.

Blogs are a great way for businesses to get recognized on the World Wide Web and in turn, get more customers. The more articles you write, the more recognition you get from search engines, such as Google; which in turn improves your ranking by search engines. A good ranking will enable you to be easily found on the web by your potential customers.

Blogging is a great way of inviting custom, as a blog says to the customer “this person definitely knows what they are talking about”. From your blog, you can build a great reputation in the internet community. The better your reputation, the more custom you entice. Communicating your expertise will also demonstrate your business as a trustworthy organization, which is dedicated to customers.

Often, a blog will consist of an article, pictures, films, and links. A blog can either act as a personal diary or can be used by businesses to provide customers with relevant information on their services or products. It is an interactive way of providing information on the web, as other internet bloggers can comment upon and discuss the topics at hand. So, always make your blog user-friendly. Dividing your posts into sections or list will enable users to easily find entries, rather than sifting through all of the entries to find the article that they want. Making things easier for your viewers will help convince them to return to your blog over and over again.

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As one of the fastest ways of communicating on the web, blogging has become very popular in recent years. It is a great way of sending out new information out there on the web, as it is quick to do and accessible to all. It is also one of the easiest ways of letting your customer’s know that you have updated your products and services, without sending out thousands of emails or letters.

Blogging enables you to build up a reputation as a business, entice more customers and keep your current clients updated. It is a cost-effective and quick way of marketing your company, without spending thousands on leaflets and advertisements. It also adds a personal touch to your business and shows you care about your customers.

5 Creative methods of using Facebook Cover Images for Business

It is most likely the first step towards creating an internet presence for most brands to create a Facebook fan page. With more than 50 percent of active users on social platforms (states from GlobalWebIndex) hooked to Facebook, there is huge scope to create a brand image and captivate probable prospects. The only concept to have a Facebook page is to capture the attention of the mass, thereby making a brand declaration and producing more leads for your company.

1. Express your identity:
To demonstrate how individuals use a product or service, you hear a lot about using video. Photos offer the same possibilities. When you’re showing your product in your Facebook cover picture, you’re planting thoughts with your clients that can inspire them to communicate with you. Any kind of visual material is an enormous marketing component, and it’s one of the best ways to demonstrate who you are and the character behind your company. Your cover picture is an excellent place to display content that aligns with how you are presenting your brand online elsewhere.

2. Promote your service/website:
You can count on the cover promoting your services or website. This would assist you to attract some traffic to your website/blog that can be used to make better conversions.

3. Reward Your Fans:
We’re not reflecting love on products showing love for us?
Spreading some love to supporters of your brand can attract the attention of the mass. You can do this by recognizing the allegiance of your supporters.
Check out how this was set up by KFC. This is an excellent fan / like bait for sure and a prospective share on the walls of the fan.

4. Highlighting the forthcoming event:
This concept was mainly used by brands to create significant announcements; whether it was a contest winner, a fresh company wing, fresh product, launch dates, gifts, an event, offers and offers, etc. Doing this can help you reach fans of your tabloid who generally don’t check your newsletters. Updates to the Facebook fan page are verified more often than not.

5. Color and graphics attract attention:
Using flashy colors can assist attract attention to where you want it. Sometimes the cover can be something that has no direct influence on your company and yet gets into your prospects and fans’ impression. Playing around designing abilities and managing to upload an enticing picture as the cover can shoot up your cover’s likelihood of being liked and shared; thus virtually circulating your Facebook page.

Cleonix Technologies provides a range of digital marketing and graphics design services like SEO, SEM, PPC, FB cover photo designing. We have in house experts with 24/7 support via email and phone.

Golden rules to rank your website on Google’s 1st Page

Being the number one search engine today, Google implements a strict set of rules for marketers who want to build backlinks for their websites.
If you want to rank for Google, you must note of the following:-

  • Related link text
  • Relevance of page you want to leave a link in
  • Page rank of the page you want to have a backlink
  • Site authority of the site
  • Quality content (trust)

A backlink is generally a keyword plus a URL where it is linked back to. Your keyword should always be related to the contents of your website. Otherwise, it might trigger Google’s SPAM alert and ban your website. In order to find appropriate keywords for your website, you may use Google’s free Keyword Tool.
Prior to Google’s launch, webmasters get away with building irrelevant backlinks to their websites. They used frequently searched terms and incorporated them as anchor texts though they’re not really related to their website’s content. A website can rank for any keyword even those that are unrelated. Every backlink is counted. As a result, users were bombarded with SPAM websites, blank sites, or unrelated content.
Google has removed this system with a sharp algorithm. It has paved the way for user-friendly search engine with quality results each and every time. Google’s algorithm kept the contents relevant to a user’s search and banned all spam websites. To date, no other search engine has out thrown Google in the ranks.
Building Quality Backlinks
There are several ways on how to build quality backlinks for your website. Here are some methods you can use to gain site popularity:-
1. Blog commenting
2. Forum posting
3. Article and directory submissions
4. Social bookmarking
5. Social network sites
6. Classified ads
7. Yahoo Answering
8. Online Groups
9. Press Release
Submission sites may take some time before they accept your submission. But on the bright side, it is the most effective way to build quality backlinks. Compared to software-generated backlinks, submission sites can retain your backlinks live for a long time.
You may choose to do all of these techniques or just focus on some of them. Remember, the key to successful link building is perseverance and patience. It is a number’s game. The more backlinks you create, the higher you get ranked on Google.
Cleonix Technologies provides a range of digital marketing and web development services like SEO, SEM, PPC, eCommerce & other website development. We have in house experts with 24/7 support via email and phone.

SEO & PPC service- What do you need?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two of the most effective online marketing techniques. Businessmen from all sectors have to avail their service at some point in time. Without the help of an SEO and PPC expert, it is hard to make a profit. For online Marketers, SEO and PPC are almost common things. Let’s find out How SEO is different from PPC
1) SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a great way to do successful business with some extra efforts. In this competitive world, it becomes quite difficult to attract customers.
PPC or Pay per Click is another effective way to do business. It gives the opportunity to attract customers within a short period of time.
2) SEO makes this process easy. It promotes your websites and gives ranks.
PPC is a great way to drive a great amount of traffic.
3) SEO is an organic way of generating results and better traffic.
PPC is a paid way to get traffic on your site.
4) SEO is a longterm process. You have to wait for few months to get the desired results.
PPC provides quick results. You just have to pay to get the traffic and you will start getting it within a few hours or days.
5) If your website is brand new, SEO is a must for your website. You should hire a company that offers great rank to your website in an organic way.
If your website is running from long is not providing better Rate of Interest, you must opt for PPC to achieve traffic that will bring money and business.
These two methods to drive customers are good. But in the long run, SEO can gain a higher position. It is essential for internet marketing visibility. SEO experts help to attract more customers. It is one of the effective ways to promote your products. In business, one needs to apply both the methods. It will be better to understand the value of both these methods initially.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been considered a more effective method than Pay per Click (PPC). There are some points to support this argument. Pay Per Click may be helpful initially but SEO is good in the long run. It is a much more sustainable method of making a profit in this competitive market. In the long run, it will help you to maintain your position in the market. This is one of the main reasons that encourage the businessmen to go with SEO instead of PPC. PPC is an auctioning process. It is difficult to maintain the position for a long period of time.
In order to do a profitable business one needs to follow some essential steps. PPC and SEO are the two most important ways to attract customers. Both are important for the customer. SEO should be given higher marks in startup strategy perspective. In business, a startup strategy is crucial. So, if you are successful in your startup then just enjoy it. You don’t need to worry. If you don’t have time to wait and wants quick results, start paying for PPC. SEO and PPC together can give a jump to your business.

Increase Your Website Traffic By YouTube Marketing & Promotion

Increase in website traffic could be the earnest desire of almost all webmasters. As visual appeal always has a better effect on the human brain, YouTube has established itself as a great online site nowadays used by many webmasters to promote their online businesses and products and services that they have on offer.
Create an interesting video and submit it to YouTube. You would be amazed to see the outcomes and quantity of hits that it can generate for your website. However, one may argue that even advertisements on television likewise have an aesthetic appeal and most people start surfing other channels during the time of advertisements. So, why would anyone want to watch advertisements on YouTube willingly? The thing is, videos on YouTube advertise services and products with a difference.
Sharing interesting YouTube videos
Their focus is more on entertaining the viewers than merely promoting one’s brand in a boring way. The sales pitch is normally less focused upon in these videos, as the message is communicated clearly to the viewers. The name of your website is normally shown very subtly that does not provide the video an impact of “advertisement” in the actual sense. So, appealing videos, especially the ones that instigate almost any emotion, whether laughter, anger or disbelief, in many cases are shared by people who have each other. This ultimately improves the hits on your landing page. These videos may also be shared through customized YouTube communities, groups, bulletins and emails.
Tag research
To attract a lot more traffic, you need to do thorough research about the keywords or tags that you had use of your YouTube video. Appropriate keywords which are searched more often by the target audience would help curious Internet users to find out your video without much effort. These keywords may also be used in the description of YouTube videos.
Combination of YouTube marketing with blogging and article marketing
The same as YouTube marketing, article marketing, and blogging are some different ways which are often employed by webmasters to generate traffic to his or her websites. So, a mix of those two marketing techniques with YouTube marketing can end up being of great help for webmasters to attract more visitors to their landing sites.
Once you have uploaded your niche video, then you can mention the hyperlink of your YouTube video in the resource box of articles which are further submitted to online article directories. Similarly, you are able to ask a specialist blogger to upload your video on his/her blog.
Nonetheless, be sure to have quality content written that compliments the video and communicates your message effectively. Bloggers often visit each other’s blogs and leave comments. They are also good types of increasing the exposure of your YouTube marketing videos and utilize them to generate huge levels of traffic for most of your site.

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Hence, you are able to greatly expand the hits received by your website within a few months with assistance from marketing through YouTube videos. This further allows your website to climb up the ladder of search engine rankings.
YouTube marketing ensures your growth in the number of hits at your landing site, even in the long term. You simply have to invest some time to produce and upload the video and maybe invest only a little money, only once. After that, you are able to just sit back and relax and reap the advantages of the efforts and time invested by you.

Some tips to improve your campaigns for SMS marketing

The marketing of SMS is extremely efficient. Although people may tend to disregard phone calls and emails, a text message is almost never ignored. In reality, it has been estimated that up to 98 percent of SMS emails are opened and the large bulk of text messages are read within 2 minutes of receiving. SMS advertising is an excellent way to bring in more clients, advertise your products and boost client loyalty. But if you’re just getting began in the SMS marketing globe, there’s plenty to learn.t is estimated to own a smartphone this year by 4.77 billion individuals. That’s two of Earth’s three individuals!
One factor to maintain in mind is the heavy SMS advertising regulations. If you abuse your access to the personal phone number of a customer, you will discover yourself in great difficulty. So, cautiously manage it.
What is SMS Marketing?
Let’s begin with a straightforward definition of SMS marketing.
SMS stands for “brief message service,” which can be sent to a mobile device between phones or from a laptop. SMS marketing means sending marketing messages via text messages to clients.
Here are some tips and suggestions on how to maximize your achievement if you’re already on board with SMS marketing.
1. Establish a marketing team for SMS:
Large campaigns for SMS marketing aren’t DIY. To get the most out of your marketing strategy, you will need a range of qualified experts. One or a few individuals may fill several of these positions, but you’ll need: an expert on SMS marketing, a retail expert, on-site signage coordinators, digital creative designers, social media specialists, promotion specialists, an ROI, and discount budget analyst, and more.
2. Know your client:
Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app to assess your messages ‘ achievement. Encourage your clients to behave quickly. An easy expiry date included in the email promotes subscribers to sign up or behave quicker than they would otherwise have. Anyone who operates in marketing results will comprehend this feeling of urgency.
3. Write Clear Messages:
Get to the point that to express yourself you have 160 characters. If you can, do this in less. Make sure the message, written in plain English, is clear and concise. Avoid shortcuts, emoticons, and all caps.
Do not use open emails. An example of an open-ended message is one that invites customers to sell but does not say at the end of the sale. Whether it’s a day or a month, the client has no clue. By setting a particular date when a sale ends or placing an expiry date on a coupon, customers are more likely to behave because you have offered them sufficient data and motivation.
4. Use buttons for call-to-action:
Calls-to-action enhances customer engagement with your text for SMS marketing. That’s precisely what you want from them: engaging, evaluating the texts you’re sending, reading them, interacting with them, and acting on them.
Here are some winners for call-to-action:
Show the text: Asking clients to display the text to receive a discount is a clear and efficient way to get them to participate in your promotion.
Click Button: Sometimes in your SMS message you don’t have enough room to include all the data that your client needs. You may be hosting an event and want to add a connection to an event map or video or a link to your website where more information are available. A “Click here” button will provide a connection to the required information in that situation.
Text-to-Win: Many clients would be interested in getting a shot from your business to win a prize or gift. Asking them to write to the competition helps to boost the commitment of clients. If you don’t offer a sale or host an event, Text-to-Win campaigns are an efficient means of reminding clients of your presence and continuing to increase traffic and revenues.
Text-to-Vote: Engage mobile polling clients to find out how your business is doing in terms of service, quality of products, prices, and more.
Buy Now: For targeted emails, this is the ideal CTA button. If you understand that a client regularly buys a certain item, you can send a text promoting that item to make it simpler for them to make a purchase with a “Buy Now” button.
5.Get Your Timing Right:
SMS is all about instantaneousness. Opening posts requires individuals an average of three minutes. Responses from customers to SMS-promoted sales, promotions, and activities are most efficient when they are last-minute impulses. If you have a Friday night shop opening event, send the Friday afternoon message. If you have a meal promotion in your restaurant, send it at the end of the working day, not in the morning. Take SMS timing one step further by discovering the best time to send a message to a particular person based on their previous relationships with your messages.
You can maximize the advantages of your SMS campaign by dedicating time to creating efficient messages, evaluating your client demographics, investing in an SMS-specific sales marketing team, and promoting your SMS campaign across the media of your business.
Cleonix Technologies is a web development company in Kolkata specializing in all digital marketing techniques. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create an awesome digital marketing strategy to really give you the edge. If you think it’s time that your business stood out from the crowd, we can help you get started!

5 Best reasons why SEO Services should be outsourced

In online marketing, SEO plays a significant role. Implement appropriate SEO methods to bring your online business to the next level in order to gain internet exposure. You need to take on specialist SEO services to attract more traffic and achieve more reaction online. The issue that arises here, given that SEO is really essential, is whether you should have or outsource SEO service suppliers in-house. You can employ any of the companies for website optimization purposes. To make your site more friendly, there is no need to have your own SEO experts. The best part is that a company has to pay for SEO just a few dollars. Here’s why you should outsource SEO services.

1.Outsourcing Is Affordable:
It will not be as inexpensive to hire an in-house team as to outsource the necessity. You will get your hands on a skilled professional by outsourcing, who can do the same job at a fraction of the cost. Besides, you need to concentrate more on the ROI instead of just thinking about affordability. If you spend a particular quantity on your marketing, for example, what is the outcome you’re expecting and how much you’re actually going to get back. We understand, of course, that revenue should be more than spending and make sure that these things are made clear while outsourcing the services.

2.Quality content:
Content marketing is an important component of SEO; it helps to generate company leadership and drive conversions a long way. Therefore, if your site has content that is not badly enriched by keywords or written, your brand name may be degraded. Writing the appropriate content on your own can take your precious time. So, handling the assignment to a top SEO agency in India would be the best choice as it would have educated authors who are competent in writing SEO-rich content.

3.It can only be managed effectively by experts:
SEO management needs unique abilities and thorough subject expertise that can manage marketing pressure readily and produce the required outcome. The Search Engine Optimization methods must suit the business strategy perfectly, and the one who can design an efficient marketing strategy for your company is an SEO expert. So instead of referring to the Internet for thoughts, you can outsource your needs and let the experts take care of it all.

4.Establishment of quality links:
One of the characteristics of a good website is to have a liberal collection of inbound links. Establishing quality connections needs skilled digital marketers ‘ knowledge as such links can open your door to internet marketing achievement. By outsourcing SEO, you can use a professional link build-up method to improve your website’s accessibility.

5.Analysis of the site:
Your business website requires to be periodically analyzed to verify whether it is consistent with the recent SEO trends. In the event that it shows low ranking and decreased traffic, you may participate experienced SEO services. This allows you to leverage the knowledge of committed SEO professionals who will identify the causes and work towards changing your website and applying appropriate digital marketing policies to boost traffic and ranking.

Cleonix Technologies is a web development company in Kolkata specializing in all digital marketing techniques. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create an awesome digital marketing strategy to really give you the edge. If you think it’s time that your business stood out from the crowd, we can help you get started!

Top 5 Effective Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

If you are the owner of a website, you understand that without traffic your website is no point of genuine existence. If there are no visitors, who will buy your products or read your informative content? Most importantly, what’s the point if there isn’t any traffic? If you have a web page, you may want to understand how to boost traffic on the website. When you create a website to sell products or what have you, one of the last things that you may think about in the very beginning is the amount of traffic that it is going to attract. But in fact, it is the very first thing that you should think about.

Given below are some effective ways on how to increase website traffic:

1. If you really want to know how to increase website traffic, then you have to have exciting, informative web content. There are plenty of places online where you can actually purchase custom articles written by authentic authors and top online researchers. Just find a good article distribution website, sign up, and describe what you want your article to be written about. With a day or two, you will have your perfect article, optimized and full of information. If you are the one who is writing the article, then be sure to add updates and add something fresh and new every couple of days or weeks, or whichever you prefer. Keeping your content up to date and fresh will make the visitors feel like they are getting something new every time they visit your website, which will always make them want to come back for more. There is not a better way on how to increase website traffic.

2. If fresh web content wasn’t enough, and you are still wondering how to increase website traffic, try submitting your articles to article directories. With an article directory, you will be able to create backlinks to your website, which will increase traffic by numbers you never thought were possible. You can submit as many articles as you want. The more, the better. But, they all have to be different and completely original.

3. Add the necessary keywords to your page if you want to know how to increase website traffic. For example, if you are writing content about how to increase website traffic, all you will have to do is add the keywords to the content that people use to search for that particular subject. You can easily figure this out by doing so yourself. The top three search engines are Yahoo, MSN, and Google. Do research using all three to figure out which keywords will work the best for your site.

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4. Add an opt-in box to your page where people can sign up for free weekly newsletters and other goodies. You may want to even consider throwing in a couple of free monthly products. Do not worry about a couple of free goodies here and there costing you too much in the long run because you will be paid back with the amount of traffic that you are going to attract. If the idea of giving away free products doesn’t appeal to you, be sure to send out updates and new information about your site. This can help keep your visitors interested and make them feel as if your site is very useful for them. Your visitors will definitely want more of what you have to offer. And there is also a great chance that your regular visitors will spread the word about how great your page is, and others will want to know what your site is all about.

5. Knowing how to increase website traffic also involves meeting new people and telling them all about what you can offer them. Being very direct about it is not always the best way. Social networking websites provide you with a way to do just about anything that involves your site. They were originally invented to help people make friends. But more and more individuals are finding great use out of them concerning their websites. All you need to do is post links to your site on your page, and the traffic increase like magic.

When you want to know how to increase traffic, you want to know the ways that work, and these are the proven techniques that will get you the amount of traffic that you are looking for. Remember that without traffic, there really isn’t a point. Just a dead site with no visitors. If you are looking for someone to help increase your website traffic just visit Cleonix Technologies and let us help.

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