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Tips to keep in mind to get rid of Black Hat SEO

There are two types of search engine optimization. “White Hat SEO” where you follow the guidelines of the search engines, keep the end-user in mind throughout your optimization process and put a lot of focus on relevancy to keep. Then there’s “Black Hat SEO” which is, in effect, the complete opposite. Here in this blog, we will give you a guide on what tactics to avoid and what ones you need to be careful of if you have someone else performing your web development and search engine optimization.

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There are many ways to the black hat that people are using to gain high rank but the fact is that these all techniques are of limited time. They cannot benefit you for long. After all, you will have to pay for applying any of these techniques. The search engine will penalize you for this. All these spammy techniques will take you to the risk to ban your website. These are the ways to get benefits in a short period to pay for a long time. Now, SEO provides you with great user experience and much more to have a great website without any kind of Black Hat SEO. There are some techniques to avoid while doing any kind of SEO.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that don’t over-pack your content with keywords it will surely get you penalized for it. Avoid putting too many phrases in your content that would also be irritating for readers and that is the way to the black hat with search engines, so try to avoid that.
  • Hiding your text by writing it in a color of the background to attract the search engine spiders is another way to black hat. So you will have to avoid that too.
  • Another thing that you will have to avoid is the Doorway pages. These are fake pages for search engines to make them fool to get high ranking and traffic on their pages or websites. Users cannot see these pages ever as they are not for them. So avoid it too.
  • There are many other things that you will have to ignore or avoid like cloaking that is a technique to show different versions of contents to search engines and this is an unfair way to do it.
  • Putting unrelated pages or links into your website or page will make your website look ugly and this will decrease your website’s rank as well.
  • Code swapping is another way of black hat that you will have to avoid. This is a technique of making your website only in a text version for the search engines to get high ranking that is also illegal.

So if you don’t want to be penalized then you will have to avoid all these points or characteristics of black hat SEO.
As you can see that all these unethical, ugly, unfair and shaggy ways to get high rank can work but only for a limited time. Then you will be penalized for what you have done for a long time as the search engines will ban your website just because of these unethical practices. It’s just not worth the risk. So for long-lasting benefits, you will have to prefer those ways that are fair and legal to get high ranking on your site. Just ignore and avoid all the messy ways to optimize your website. Try to make fair guidelines for the webmasters that what you are up to so they will help you to get high rank with a white hat.

SEO Meta Tags & Their Uses For Ranking

There are many different parts to a successful SEO & PPC campaign. However, when it comes to your website, one of the most overlooked aspects that can have a great impact on your SEO success is the meta tag. Meta tags appear in the page’s code. They are known as the content descriptors that help the search engines to understand what a web page is all about.
A meta tag is just a couple of sentences that sum up what your website is and what content it is presenting. You can have one on every page, so you can easily customize them to explain each page of your website. Like the summary of a book, the meta tag should try to tell the big picture idea of your website. Some important and basic meta tags should be on every page but you need to understand that meta tags are beyond description and words. Some of the meta tags are:
Meta Content-Type:  These tags should be on every page as they are necessary to declare your character set for the page. Your web designer should be able to understand what’s best for your site.
Title tag:  it is one of the most important tags which contains information that’s very important to SEO. Every page should have a unique title tag as it describes your web page. Search engines tend to view this text as the “title” of your page.
Meta Description: It is known to be a brief description of the web page. You should write it to catch the user’s attention as it can help to achieve a better click-through rate on your website.
Viewport:  it is necessary to specify the viewport if you do not want to take the risk of the poor mobile experience. So do not forget to specify the viewport on the website because without it mobile devices render pages at typical desktop screen widths, and then tend to scale the pages to fit the mobile screens.
Canonical Tag:  It is used if you have a single page URL that has the same content with other multiple-page URLs. It is necessary to implement the canonical tag as it will help to tell the search engines to index the main page and avoid indexing other duplicate page URLs.
Alt Tag:  It is extremely important for images because search engines cannot read them so it is necessary that you have to add proper alt text to the images so that search engines can crawl them.
Robot Meta tags:  These are the HTML tags that provide important instructions to web crawlers on whether to index or noindex a web page.
Language: It is necessary to use these tags. You need to declare the main language used on this page.
Site Verification:  These meta tags are necessary and Google allows you to verify by DNS or external files.
These are some of the meta tags. Always remember that meta tags are key things for all search engines. So you must focus on meta tags. You can hire top SEO companies in Kolkata like Cleonix Technologies to get the best results at an affordable price.

Contextual Link Building Tips to Enhance your site traffic

Contextual link building is an important effort to boost the sales and PR of your websites on the world wide web. It promotes you the effectual alternative to access the amazing back links by joining it alongside unique content. Let’s discuss some best possible ways to get the maximum benefits through Contextual Link Building.
1) Creating as Many One Way Links as Possible
This is the most important feature of contextual Link building. Try to get as many one way links as possible using anchor texts on the content you come up with. It is always better to have as many links as possible pointing to your own website. At the same time, ensure that there are some outbound links that have good relevant sources. This will ensure that the search engine your linking well balanced.
2) Build Natural Links for your Website
If you want natural link building, then avoid all paid links as much as possible. The best way to get good results is by keeping the links natural. This will ensure that the search engines spot a natural linking trend thus moving your websites ranking higher. In many cases, one-way links that have been paid to show some form of manipulation and can be risky. So, make sure your links should be natural rather than appearing to be natural.
3) Carrying out Deep Site Linking
When building links, note that it is more beneficial for your business if you carry out deep site linking. This means that the websites you use will have deeper pages on their website. If you use a high-quality building expert, they will make sure that the contextual links point to other deeper website pages.
4) Hiring a Quality Link building Service
It is easy to assume that you can do all these by yourself. However, you may end up spending a lot of time or days on other off-page activities, especially when looking for one way link-backs. So, if you do not want to go through this, you can hire a digital marketing company that has enough knowledge in link building. They are well experienced in this matter thus they have better chances to get you good results based on their knowledge of this subject.
In case you are wondering on how you achieve the best results from the contextual link building campaign that you want to embark on, then you will need to know what you must do so as to achieve the best results and enjoy significant returns on your investment. There are many types of contextual link building packages which are provided by search engine optimization firms, and you can use any one of them and enhance the performance of your website.
Cleonix Technologies is an affordable Web development & SEO Service provider Company in Kolkata that offers quality directory submission, article submission, contextual link building, and complete web design & development services to achieve a top-ranking website.

3 Ways Your Site Might Fail Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google announced a new search results label stating if a site is “mobile-friendly” or not. Now, when you’re on your phone, you’ll know in advance whether the site you’re planning to visit is optimized for your device.
Accompanying the announcement, Google said they are also experimenting with a ranking boost for sites passing their “mobile-friendly check.” First, you should know that the object of a robots.txt file is to tell search engine crawlers, such as Google, what pages or files it should or should not look at on your website.
A common use of robots.txt is to avoid the appearance of login or thank you site in the search results. Robots.txt is often also used on websites operated by a content management system to block other administrative directories on your website that are used to run your content management system.
Second, a responsive or mobile page usually relies on CSS stylesheets and javascript files to view a changed template on smaller screens. Normally these files are stored in your web server’s external folders and then accessed by individual web pages.
So what do you think will happen if a robots.txt file prevents Google from accessing these CSS stylesheets and javascript files? Google thinks that your website is not mobile-friendly–it looks perfectly fine on your smartphone in fact!
Here are the 5 most popular things that make Google’s Mobile-Friendly Review a supposedly mobile-optimized page fail.
1. CSS and JS blocking:
Google has already stated specifically that blocking Image, CSS, and JavaScript resources from their bots are contrary to their webmaster guidelines and can adversely affect your indexing and ranking. But worse, these are the elements search engines need to make your mobile site find. This is a simple solution: don’t do it. Stay rid of these orders from the meta robots. Check your files with robots.txt; especially if your resources are delivered through a CDN.

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2. To close the buttons together:
Another thing Google is looking at is the closeness of your links. Fingers are much clumsier than mouse pointers (especially if you’re me) and as a result, Google uses link size and proximity as a mobile-friendly factor.
Make sure that important buttons have a height and width of at least 7 mm (or 48 CSS pixels) to ensure that your site passes the tap test. You can make less important links smaller, but you must be sure that within 5 mm (32 CSS pixels) of them there are no other links.
3. Content Is Wider Than the Screen:
Making sure you don’t have to scroll sideways to see your page might sound like a no-brainer, but it was one of the most common flags the Mobile Tester threw out.
Typically, the correct use of the viewport meta tag is your best width management solution. This enables you to instruct browsers to show the dimensions of a page based on the size of the screen.
So, at last, we could conclude that if your website works well on your smartphone, you can definitely run it through a mobile-friendly review tool to ensure that you are not penalized unknowingly in mobile search.

Top 4 Reasons How Web Designing Impacts A SEO Project

With the rise of digital marketing practices, we have seen the uses of different online channels for targeting and hitting audiences. SEO is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing that helps you to increase the traffic of your website. On the other hand, a website is the most vital asset of digital marketing. So it is easy to understand that there is a string attached between web designing and SEO service. In this post today we will discuss how the design of your website can affect your SEO project.
1. User-Friendly Navigation:
The navigation of your website helps your potential customer to access your website easily. It also helps to enhance the user experience. There are few companies that offer high-quality affordable web design service. Business owners can hire one of them for building a website that is equipped with easy navigating buttons.
2. High Quality but Low Sized Images:
Using images properly is also an essential job in SEO. A web designer will help you to enhance the look of your website by creating and putting high-quality images in the right place. The load time of a website plays a vital in on-page SEO practice. So it is also important to upload low sized images on your website. The bottom line is a web designer will boost the performance of your website by providing high quality but low sized images.
3. Web Designing is Important for Creating Brand Awareness:
The object of any SEO project is creating brand value by using different digital channels. As we already mentioned earlier in this blog that website is the most vital asset of digital marketing. So it is important to have an authentic business logo that will tell your potential customers about your business motto, high-quality banners, and other graphical content. A combination of all these will help your brand easily recognizable in the crowd of your competitors. As a result, your SEO project will get the benefit of this. Business owners can hire a dedicated web designer to serve these purposes.
4. Placing Call to Action Button:
CTA (Call to Action) buttons are important to increase the conversion rate. It is used to drive potential customers to make a purchase or contact the sales or customer support team. A skilled web designer can help you to put the CTA buttons naturally on your website. It will help you to achieve the conversion goal.
So this is how the web design of your website can affect your SEO project. Local search engine marketing technique is also an important part of promoting a business. Entrepreneurs can also hire a professional digital marketing company that offers local SEO in India or in other countries of the world. If you still have any question, please feel free to ask us by using the comment box below.

Boost Your Sales With Twitter Analytic

Take a look at some eye-popping facts about the reigning social media surveillance tool-Twitter before we create a plan to optimize the media strategy.

1. Unique monthly visitors of 36 million.
2. 288 million active users per month and 100 million daily.
3. Spent on tweets for an average of 170 minutes per month.
4. Average per user of 208 supporters.

How to Get Twitter Analytics The latest rollout of the indigenous analytics platform of Twitter has made it easier than ever before. You can now get some quality information from your tweets right away.
A strategic assessment of social media allows you to optimize your tweets to align them with your company objectives. There are many instruments available to evaluate your operations, enabling you to create better choices on your additional posts, such as:

1. Which of your individuals sharing tweets?
2. Which connections do your messages perform well?
3. Is your advertising really meaningful?
4. How many customers go to your website?

You can readily visualize your development with such social media metrics. But maintain in mind, two different things are using Twitter as a marketing strategy and mastering Twitter analytics to boost the leads. You need to concentrate on the subsequent one to increase the powerless approach.
Steps to get more from the data behind tweets If you don’t pursue a strategic maneuver, a gigantic amount of instruments to get the analytics will be of no use. To concentrate on present market trends, it is essential to follow the measures below:

1. Define your goal: you should concentrate on your followers ‘ interest because surveys demonstrate that 80% of individuals follow brands to access exclusive content. Explore your followers ‘ top 5-10 interests and use them to create your social objectives flourishing company objectives ultimately.

2. Find out what to measure: Each metric is associated with some company benefit, for example, brand awareness can be evaluated by the number of fresh supporters and retweets.
Tweet reach and impressions can be used to measure the growth of your target audience.You can get an insight into sales and conversions by the number of clicks on your website.

3. It’s a matter of time: it would be good to observe the operations with a definite time frame. Do not waste your time analyzing the metrics on a daily basis, create a weekly plan to monitor short-term progress while measuring your long-term achievement with a 3-month plan will be useful.

4. Take efficient activities: Analytics can add a lot to your internet approach, but all you need is to enhance your action plan if such metrics fail. Identify your weakness and then immerse yourself in analytics; the number of supporters will surely increase.

Advertising and hashtags are currently interrelated, and surprisingly, during this year’s Super Bowl, more than 20 percent of commercials contained a hashtag. Find out which tags function best for you and maintain an eye on reaching Tweet, these are the most useful information to maximize user engagement.

If you haven’t mastered the ability to optimize big data, be an intelligent marketer and get professional help through Twitter analytics to produce more leads.

The most strong instrument for identifying the weakness in a media strategy is Twitter analytics. Identify your goals and take steps to enhance your marketing efforts.

Cleonix Technologies has comprehensive expertise in Twitter Analytics, providing top-notch social media surveillance services.

Ways to Get An Advantage of The Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Latest Digital Marketing trends in 2019
The rise of the Internet has led to everyone having an online presence. Almost everyone in your group is now active on at least one form of social media. And this is why Digital Marketing is flourishing. It is a form of marketing to attract people who have an online presence. But what are the ways which you will make this happen? These methods keep on changing time to time. There are different trends which keep on altering every now and then. If you want to be successful in Digital Marketing, you need to keep up with the changing trends over time and accommodate your strategy accordingly. Below mentioned are some of the trends that will affect the marketing strategies –

1. Video consumption:
Video consumption was one of the talking points of Digital Marketing in 2018. It is not expected to slow down in 2019. Social platforms are readily investing in video content making it an integral part of every marketing strategy. There should be a particular objective while working with the audience. One of the best examples is of Instagram. They will invest in IGTV so that longer videos can be created leading to more time spent on the site and more revenue generation option. The same can also be said for video ads. They have a greater impact than images as they portray the message in a better way.

2.Incorporate AI:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been introduced to the world in 2018. But its real value will be seen in 2019. The way how users behave has changed with time. Let’s take an example of the search engine. The way users do an online search has changed a lot. Instead of typing everything, there are voice assistants to do all the work. Echo, Siri, Cortana, etc. are some of the software which helps in that. Voice search and Rankbrain are going to play an integral part in Digital Marketing in 2019. This is a trend which cannot be sidelined.

3. Data-driven marketing:

In 2019, it’s all about the data. Digital Marketing is going to depend a lot on data. And why not. There are different channels and platforms which are being used. There will be a bigger amount of data as the platforms increases. It will be possible only with the help of the right set of tools. You will be able to learn a lot about your audience if data-driven marketing is used. This will help in learning the customer needs and assist you in designing better campaigns in the future.

4. Voice technology and Social media stories:

Adoption of voice technology is escalating every year and 2019 will follow the same trend. Marketers just need to understand how to benefit from this trend as consumers are ready to spend more time on Voice technology. The same is also true for Social Media stories. In 2018, there were more than 400 million active Stories users every month. Instead of social feeds, Digital Marketing should be planned around social media stories.

10 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

As per report, Pinterest drives more website traffic than Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin, Google+ and MySpace. You should be able to get more traffic with all these users. For this be active and use the tips in this article to drive more website traffic with Pinterest.

1. Add your website:-
The easiest way to drive Pinterest traffic to your website is by adding your site URL to your brand page. When you do this your website will be showed right at the top. It will be one of the first things people see on your brand page and will obviously encourage them to check your website to learn more about you. So don’t forget about this simple and important step.

2. Verify it:-
Verifying your website must get a lot more people to click on it, after this, a tick mark will appear beside it, indicating that the site definitely belongs to you. The reason behind this is only way people can verify a website is by uploading a unique file provided by Pinterest. This tick mark which appears when you verify your website adds a lot of credibility and people will be more likely to click on it as they can be sure that it’s yours.

3. Add the URL to the pin description:-
In general, pinterest automatically adds a link to the image, but to visit this website, the user needs to click on the pin first, wait for it to expand and then click on the expanded pin. This process can be simplified by adding the link to the same page (where the image is located) to your pin description.

4. Add the call to action in your pin description:-
Right before the URL to the page (in your description) add a call to action button like ‘Check out this page now’ or ‘Visit this page now’ or ‘Click the following link to learn more’. This should generate more traffic.

5.Pin at the best times:-
An essential factor that can get you more website traffic is timing. Try to share your pins at a time when more people are online as a result, more people will see them and click on them. This will get you more traffic.

6. Add board categories:-
By adding categories to your boards more people will see your pins. When you do this, your pins will not only appear in the feeds of people who follow you, but also in the same category the board has been connected to.

7. Contribute to popular group boards:-
Another way to earn more website traffic is by contributing to popular group boards. Popular group boards with the loyal following can be a powerful source for Pinterest traffic.

8. Add images to your website:-
Someone share something from your website is image with minimum dimensions of 100 X 200 pixels. If there is no image on the webpage, people cannot share anything which hamper website traffic.

9. Add the ‘Pin It’ button:-
Use ‘Pin It’ in your website image. By adding this, You can get more people to share the images you add to your website

10. Place text on images:-
By adding your website address or company name to them you can get images to generate more traffic. In this way, people will always know that you created it when people see your image on Pinterest, even if it has been re-published on another website and shared from there.

“Cleonix Technologies” is the Kolkata based Web Development & Digital Marketing company specializing in Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. Cleonix holds expertise in SEO and Digital Marketing for growing your business.

How to Optimize and Market Your Site Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service from Google that offers analytical tools for SEO and promotion in addition to use statistics. If you already have a Google account, you can start using this service.

Here are some of Google Analytics ‘ leading features that make it so popular.

1. Google Analytics offers data visualization tools that include scorecards, dashboard and motion charts among others for displaying data alterations over time.

2. Generation of custom reports.

3. Communication and sharing based on e-mail.

4. Useful integration with other products from Google, especially AdWords.

Google Analytics is mainly designed for small to medium size websites. It may not be perfect for highly complex large business sites One of the best things about Google Analytics over other similar programs is its ease of use. All you have to do is to make just a few clicks and define the date ranges for viewing the statistics. Instant navigation between general and specific data is also possible.

Just a few clicks can tell you everything ranging from the conversion rates to bounce rates. The program also helps users in understanding all the reports. Descriptions are provided to help users learn what the numbers mean about their websites.

Google Analytics is available for free up to a certain level of web traffic. If the traffic grows, it may be needed to pay for it. There are no listed prices anywhere. Once you move to an AdWords account, you will have to start paying.

There are many benefits of Google Analytics for small to medium-sized businesses. It enables users to keep a track over the productivity of their social engagement. Social analytics is one of the latest features in this tool. Because of the growing importance of social media, social marketing has come to become an important part of internet marketing.

Another benefit of Google Analytics is that it helps in measuring mobile browsing’s impact on your site. With the sales of smartphones increasing, an increasing number of prospects and consumers browse websites on their cell phones. The growth rate is so high that analysts claim that mobile surfing could surpass desktop surfing by 2020. In such a scenario, it has become more important to get access to useful mobile browsing data for your site.

The next benefit of using Google Analytics is that it enables users to determine the conversion rate of their web store. If you are not tracking the conversion rate of your online business, you are doing a lot of damage to your business and website. In other terms, you should learn whether your online store is converting satisfactorily or not. The range of information that you must know about include the source of the traffic, the keywords used for each web page and the bounce rates.

Google Analytics also helps in monitoring the performance of your online ads. Online promotion is critical for the success of modern businesses. At the same time, it is essential that the ads are as effective as possible. Google Analytics will help you in tracking different ad channels such as social ads, search ads, banner ads, emails, and affiliates.

How to get started?

In order to start using Google Analytics, it will be required to install the tracking code. It takes around 24 hours after the installation so that you can start viewing reports. Next, set the goals and identify the actions that need to be tracked. These goals will be fixed for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. And the next step is to learn how to read the reports and make changes accordingly to your campaigns.

So, get ready to use it and see what a huge difference it can make to your business fortune!

Everything You Need To Know About Crawling And Indexing

Crawling and indexing are the two most common processes used by search engine optimization to show the result page according to your search. When you are dealing with your online presence, it is very much important to know how your web pages checked and understood by Google. Have you ever felt curious about how search engines come up with billions of results in a second as per your search term? Google and other search engines have already prepared a big database where they store the details of every web page. When you type a keyword, they bring to you a result as per the relevancy. Know about the things that can influence search engines’ crawling and indexing processes.

If you belong to the search engine optimization field, the knowledge of indexing and crawling prove to be very helpful. It improves your organic search and gives you the maximum benefits for your paid search result. The best way to know about the indexing is through using the index checker tool for free. This tool allows you to know whether your web pages get indexed or not.

Before knowing the optimization rule, you must get the idea of how search engines work. These days, search engine optimization follows four main steps – crawling and indexing, algorithm, machine learning, and user intent. When a website appears first on the result page, it seems that the page scores best on all of the above fields.

Indexing in a common term refers to adding web pages to Google. Every page of your website should be indexed if you want them to rank on the search engine result page. You no need to do anything if you want your pages to be shown on the result page. Maintain consistency of posting your content. When Google checks that you update your pages, it improves the chances of indexing for your website. Though there are a few additional methods that you can use, you must update your pages regularly.

• XML Sitemaps:
XML sitemap contains all details of your web pages and it is submitted to Google by Search Console. The sitemap provides complete detail of your website, including the last website update information.

• Fetch and Render:
For quick indexing, you can simply use Fetch and Render option. In the Search Console, go to Crawl and select Fetch. Enter your URL and then click the fetch option. Once your link gets fetched, you can click the Request Indexing option.

• Submit URL to Google:
You can submit URL to Google without logging in to the Search Console. You will get so many URL submission fields.

• Google Plus:
When you submit a link to Google Plus, the link will get indexed instantly. This is probably the fastest way to get your web pages indexed.

• Host Your Content On Google:
This is really the advanced method with which you can instantly index your page. Google can have direct access to content via XML feeds and APIs.

Crawl Budget:
The crawl budget is another term that describes the capacity of Google’s crawling to the maximum. There are a few factors that determine the crawling budget. The first factor will definitely be page speed. The better your website loads, the faster the indexing will be. The other factor will be the importance of your site. For example, if you are running a news website and always update content, search engines are aware of it and index your website faster.

So, these are the things that you keep when it comes to Google indexing and crawling. If you want to know how many pages of your website get crawled, you must use the Index checker tool. This tool easily checks the indexed pages and shows you the result. Now, you can plan on how to improve your site.

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