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Ultimate YouTube Marketing Strategy To Increase Your Website Traffic

Interested in creating a quality video that sells? Did you know that YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine? The proper use of YouTube can literally drive thousands of eyeballs to your product or service – for free!

Simply stated, marketing via YouTube cannot be understated. When you create a marketing video and integrate it with effective mobile marketing and email campaign, you’ll see your sales explode. Here are 10 steps to follow to guide you along the way:

1) You must have some kind of hook to draw interest in the first place. Most of the time, that’s creating an interesting headline and an intriguing thumbnail of your video. The idea is to quickly target your prospect’s biggest pain or frustration.

2) Then you need to answer the number one question they ask themselves within nanoseconds: What’s in it for me? In other words, what will the prospect learn or how will they benefit from watching your video? This is perhaps the most important step in the process.

3) Next, you need to develop your credibility and somehow connect to them personally. Tell your viewer exactly why they should listen to you. Perhaps you’re the same type of person or share something in common. This works best by telling a very brief story.

4) Now you have to establish your prospect’s problem by stating it plainly. By doing this you let them know you understand their position and know their pain.

5) At this point, you can go into the features of what you have and how it can solve their problems. Features are one thing, but you must also clearly define the benefits of your product because people buy benefits, not features. The better you explain how your product or service actually benefits the prospect, the more effective your campaign will be. A feature of a program may be “our text message marketing service can broadcast to unlimited amounts of contacts”. However, the benefit is much more important: “advertise your product in a medium with a 95% read rate”.

6) The biggest problem most marketers encounter is this step where you must overcome objections. The proverbial elephant in the room is there – don’t ignore it. Your prospects are probably skeptical and you probably even know exactly what their questions and/or objections are because you probably hear the same ones over and over again. Address them head on and you’ll gain the credibility you need to close the deal.

7) You’ll also need to provide proof, as is social proof, success stores, case studies, your own successes or the successes of others. Now you may be just starting out and may not have this social proof yet. In that case, borrow someone else’s proof that you work with until you can develop your own. Either way, the proof is the convincer.

8) This is very important: you must assume the sale during your presentation video. In other words, detail exactly what the prospect will experience immediately after buying your product. Not “if you buy, you may” but rather “when you buy, you will”

9) If you really want to succeed in video marketing, or email marketing, or text message marketing, or any type of business offer for that matter, offer some kind of money-back guarantee. Money-back guarantees function as risk reversals and can push that on-the-edge buyer towards a buying decision in your favor.

10) This final step is so obvious, yet hardly ever used: include a call to action. Buy now, click here, act fast, etc. And make it easy for them to do so. There’s nothing worse than following steps 1-9, then having your customer confused as to what they should do next.
By keeping these things in mind and adjusting your advertising strategy accordingly, you will increase your chances of success when using YouTube as a marketing tool.

Thank you for reading this post about YouTube marketing secrets. We hope we were able to serve you. If you got value from this post kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello! I hope you continue to write such articles for YOUTUBE MARKETING to increase traffic! There is definitely something to learn! The information is very well selected and everything is in place! Thanks!

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